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10CC - Strawberry and Creme

Interview | International Musician, May 1975

808 State - The State of Technology

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1989

England's North has consistently produced some of the most innovative electronic music. Simon Trask talks to a band set to take their place alongside New Order and Heaven 17.

808 State - The New Statesmen

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1993

808 State - Absolutely Gorgeous

A Certain Ratio - A Sense of Proportion

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1989

Haying abandoned the independence of Factory Records in favour of the relative safety of a major record deal, ACR are back in the limelight with a new LP. Nigel Lord asks questions of commerciality.

A Popular History of Signs - Sign Language

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1985

Dance music with direction

Act - Action Direct

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1988

Whatever happened to Thomas Leer? What's become of Propaganda? If you've heard of a band called Act you already know the answers to these questions, if not, David Bradwell is right on cue with this interview.

America - Peek Performance

Interview | International Musician, Jul 1975

Dan Peek of the English band that everyone thinks is American

Art of Noise - Art & Science

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1988
JJ Jeczalik

With the title track from the film Dragnet currently on release, the Art of Noise are still newsworthy. Paul Tingen talks to JJ Jeczalik about sampling, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and court cases.

Art of Noise - Art - Empire - Industry

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1985

Flushed with the chart success of Close (To The Edit), the 'faceless' trio return with more talk of Art, Empire and Industry. Paul Gilby pushed the record button and monitored the noise levels...

Art of Noise - Artistic License

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1989

Well established as sampling innovators, the Art Of Noise have just released their fourth LP. David Bradwell talks to the Art's JJ Jeczalik about Fairlights and fairplay.

Art of Noise - The Art of Noise

Interview | Micro Music, Dec 1989

Steve Cogan talks to J.J. Jezalik about life, the universe and sampling car doors

Aswad - Live And Direct

Interview | Music Technology, May 1988

Cult reggae band or Top Of The Pops heroes? Nick Rowland talks to the men who've spent 14 years together and brought MIDI to reggae, and reggae to the pop charts.

Atari Teenage Riot - Teenage Kicks

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1993

Berlin's techno anarchists Alec, Carl and Hanin are here to cause a riot. Ringleader Alec Empire mouths off on the ambient backlash

Attrition - Wearing Down The Beat

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1985

We talk to synth punk band Attrition. Will they wear you down?

Aztec Camera

Interview | One Two Testing, Jan 1984

Climbing Frame, in particular Roddy Frame, songwriter, guitarist and dead cert for '84.

Barclay James Harvest

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1983

Engineer, Producer and Guitarist get together to explain how their new LP 'Ring of Changes' was digitally recorded for simultaneous release on compact disc and cassette

Basscut - Soul of the Machine

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1991

Neatly sidestepping the monotonous beats and cliched melodies that typify too many dance acts, this Swiss-American collaboration are making refreshing music. Simon Trask and Heinrich Zwahlen share a technical obsession.

Be Bop Deluxe - The Rhythm Section

Interview | Sound International, May 1978
Charlie Tumahai & Simon Fox

Be Bop Deluxe's drummer and bassist under the magnifying glass.

Beatmasters - House Masters

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1988

House from home. Nicholas Rowland talks to a British house band who have developed their music from television advertising jingles to chart success.

Beatmasters - Beat Generation

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1989

With their debut album just released and a single high in the charts, these are busy times for the Beatmasters. Tim Goodyer braves a tube strike to find out what technology has done for them (and what they'd like to do to technology).

Beats International - International Rescue

Interview | Music Technology, May 1990

When Norman Cook walked away from The Housemartins he walked into hi-tech record production and remixing: now he's topped the charts with Beats International. Tim Goodyer talks to a computer convert.

Beloved - Loved

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1990

From indie rock to sampled success - this band have used technology to change their sound and get themselves into the charts. David Bradwell talks technology, samples and football to Beloved people.

Beloved - Dearly Beloved

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1993

Jon and Helena Marsh in their natural habitat

Big Audio Dynamite - Bad Vibrations

Interview | International Musician, Feb 1986

Mick Jones' new outfit clash with Jim Betteridge

Big Audio Dynamite - BAD Attitude

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1988

From their initial sampled success with 'E=mc2' Big Audio Dynamite have gone on to further explore the use of dialogue and sound effects in pop music. David Bradwell talks technology and photography with keyboardsman Dan Donovan.



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