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The Long Lost Patch

...and how I rediscovered it | 1st Oct 2017


(Happy Birthday to us!) | 16th Mar 2017


You Always Fondly Remember Your First... | 20th Feb 2017

Remembering my first music magazine....

Electronics & Music

E&MM Issue 1 is now online | 11th Jan 2017

Contributions Update

26th Nov 2016

There's at least *some* accounting for taste!

Added More Publications...

24th Sep 2016

Making visible the previously invisible...

'Patchwork' articles now available...

(Synth Patches) | 10th Jun 2016

Roll up! Get yer synth patches 'ere! Two for a pound!

Two Months [and ten years] In...

A quick catch up of activity since our launch. | 20th May 2016

Welcome to mu:zines!

It took a while, but we've finally reached a beginning... | 17th Mar 2016

Welcome to mu:zines!


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