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Added More Publications...

by Ben | 24th Sep 2016

Now we've been up a while it makes sense now to make visible on the public site some of the other publications we've been collecting and want to bring to mu:zines.

These are all publications that we don't yet have permissions to archive and re-publish here - either we haven't received replies to enquiries, or haven't been able to contact or track down the rights holders yet.

- Making Music
- International Musician & Recording World
- Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Musician
- One Two Testing
- The Mix
- Micro Music
- Music UK

I had kept my early Making Music issues - I always really enjoyed the magazine and it was always a fun read. However, my sizable collection of IM&RW, and The Mix, had long since gone to the skip back in the early 2000s, along with all my SOS issues post-1994 (since that content is available in SOS's online archive anyway), and some other things. Of course, I somewhat regret binning those issues now, but there you go...

In any case, at least it's easier to see what we are collecting, and which issues we own, to hopefully inspire people to donate or lend issues that they might otherwise be thinking of throwing away.

And in the meantime, we continue to work through the pipeline of the issues we can re-publish.

As always, we really appreciate all contributions, as more than anything that is what will help build mu:zines for the long term.

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