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Electronics & Music

E&MM Issue 1 is now online

by Ben | 11th Jan 2017

Issue #1 of Electronics & Music Maker is now active.

The early issues of E&MM were basically electronics and computer hobbyist magazines, with a music theme.

I'll be processing all the useful music-related content, but for now, won't be including straight electronics or computing articles that aren't music-themed - so no "Introductory Soldering", "Programming BASIC" or "History of Veroboard" articles, or "Car Horn Customiser" projects - for now, at least - particularly as many of these are quite labour intensive, with table formatting, component listings, multiple circuit diagrams and so on. These things are outside the scope of mu:zines. The page scans of these articles will of course be available in the usual manner, for those who are interested or want to flip through the full magazine.

At a later date, like the other lesser content that has been de-prioritised for now, we might go back and fill these articles in for the sake of completeness. But for now, in the first year of E&MM issues there will be more than the usual amount of red dots in the magazine indexes (which in case you haven't realised, mean that article hasn't been OCR'd (yet)).

We will of course be including all the useful musical content, including various electronics projects like the Spectrum Synthesizer with high resolution circuit diagrams and the like, as well as the various reviews and interviews that are generally the more standard fare.

That means that (eventually!) all of this stuff (Synth DIY E&MM electronics project listings) will be available online. Pretty cool!

Note: the easiest way to browse only the electronics hobbyist stuff is to go to Features and choose "Electronics / Build" as the topic, like this:

Features, show Electronics / Build articles only

In Rotation

The general plan with getting the magazines online, now we've filled in some MT gaps in the middle, is to work forward from the next earliest issue, and do a small handful of issues for each magazine in rotation - eg, 6 MT's, then 6 SOS's, then 6 E&MM's, 6 HSR's, 6 RM's, and so on round and round until we're done...

Incidentally, if anyone has any of the E&MM Cassettes (or recordings of them) that were made available, please contact me, as I'd love to include them here as part of the E&MM archive as well.


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