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Site Updates and Improvements

by Ben | 9th Nov 2016

A bunch of new things, and some fresh paint in some previously rather dodgy areas gives me the opportunity to make a little update post, especially as many of these things have been on the to-do list for a while. I'll skip the backend stuff and other small things - here are some of the more notable ones:

Global Search

A few improvements here - if you search for "Casio CZ101" the metadata will find both "Casio" and "CZ-101" gear entries for quick access to articles tagged with those gear items, as well as performing the usual text search, and those metadata matches are displayed more prominently as they were pretty much overlooked up until this point. So the hyphens in model names are less of a pesky annoyance now. No more will you ponder whether the official model name is "D-50", or "D50" (especially seeing as no-one, including the manufacturer, seems to know anyway!)

(Yes, there is a difference between "Show me all articles tagged as Roland D-50", and "Search all articles for mentions of 'Roland D-50'", in case this isn't clear.)


Artists/Interviews (or the broader term, "People") now can have "Roles" assigned to them - the person being interviewed might be an Engineer, Mixer, Producer, or Keyboard player - or all four. And the new "Role" filter option in the Artists/Interviews search lets you say "Show me only the producer interviews", or "Show me the Brass / Wind player articles" etc.

Quite useful, and the range of roles is wide-ish (and like all of this data, will expand over time). Give it a go here: Artists/Interviews

We are also now tracking artist associations (called "Related Artists" - not to be confused with actual relatives!). So, for example, find an aticle by Howard Jones, you'll also see that Rupert Hine is a related artist, as he was one of HoJo's producers.

This also handles the problem whereby "Genesis" are interviewed, then "Tony Banks" is interviewed about a solo project, and then Mike & The Mechanics is in another interview, featuring Mike Rutherford, who's in both bands. Now at least when you land on anything, there are quick links to see related artists, and to find that material instead of missing it. Didn't know Peter Gabriel is Related to Genesis? The sidebar will tell you. Speaking of which:

Design / Front End updates

Alongside a new carousel on the home page to bring out the statuses of the other magazines we're collecting, and some thank you's on the contribute page and a bunch of other minor things, the bigger news is the updating and redesign of the sidebar, mostly in the article display page.

I say "re-design" - it's really "design" as what we had before wasn't so much designed as "thrown" on the page, as a holder for some stuff I'd sort out later.

It does present the article metadata much more elegantly than before, and a lot of the new metadata options are there, all clickable for that "More on *this* please!" urge - including gear tagged in the article, other articles featuring the same bit of gear, artist roles, related artists, and so on. Should be much easier to digest and use.

None of the "design" stuff is super brilliant atm, I will be going through and updating the areas of the site that don't look great as we go (it's all a work-in-progress of course) but the improvements for now are worthwhile, I hope you'll agree.

There's still a few small things to do on the "whilst you've got BBEdit open" list, and then it'll be back to scanning...

Enough already!

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