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Two Months [and ten years] In...

A quick catch up of activity since our launch.

by Ben | 20th May 2016

We've been live now for two months.

At the time of launch we had collected 248 mag issues, had 175 of them scanned and 38 were active.

In just two months, we now have over 350 issues and all of them are scanned (so that's an additional 175+ mag scans on top of the 175 already done!), with 50 issues processed and active.

As I had to pause my own scanning process to finish the site development for launch, I was glad to get back to my scan pile and finish it off! Many of my issues are now being offered up on ebay (cheap!), with more to come, for those that really want the hard copies to finish off their own collections.

I never imagined that shortly after going live I would connect with people who had their own complete collections of these (and other) mags, and who would be so willing to help out by scanning issues [and missing/damaged pages] we were missing. In particular, Mike G. has been able to fill out virtually all our outstanding MT, SOS and (still coming in) HSR collections, with Stewart L. filling in the last few outstanding E&MM's, and some other welcome issue donations from a range of good folks. I never imagined we would get to near complete status of these collections so quickly. Well done everyone!

Of course, that does leave a slight problem that because obtaining the content has been (far) quicker than I expected, we will have a mountain to climb to get all the content OCR'd, processed and active, which done by one person is a pretty sizeable bottleneck!

A few people have expressed an interest in helping with this, so one of my things to look at is how to open up my workflow to help distribute some of the processing, while retaining the high content quality I've been striving for. (Notice a mistake in an article you're reading? - let us know by reporting it using the problem report tool the top right of the article - then we can get it fixed!)

We've also received a few monetary donations which are well appreciated and will help keep the site up - thanks to those lending their support.

So here we are - we've got complete RM, E&MM, nearly complete MT and SOS, and HSR is continuing to be filled by Mike. 350+ issues, nearly 39,000 magazine pages scanned, and a master scan library of 670GB and growing.

We've come quite a way since my first development admin site, with it's 6 initial issues:

Campaigning for Rights

I've been trying to contact Northern & Shell (rights holders for International Musician, Electronic Soundmaker, One Two Testing) to get permissions to add those mags to our archive, but so far without success of getting a response.

I will keep trying, and in the meantime we will still try to collect and accept donations for these issues, in the hope that we can include them at some point.

Hope you're enjoying the site!


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