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Welcome to mu:zines!

It took a while, but we've finally reached a beginning...

by Ben | 17th Mar 2016

So, mu:zines has been a "some-day" project for me for many years, when I dreamed how great it would be to be able to store, search and access all my music magazine content at will.

You can read more about the journey in the About page, and here for answers to FAQs, but I'm very happy to finally get this off the ground!

There's a long way to go of course - the site is working, and will no doubt need some tweaks along the way - and while the bulk of my scanning has been done, the bulk of turning the raw scans into useful site content will still take a while.

And there still many improvements and other features to do - but for now, I think we're off to a good start!

I want to give a special thanks for SOS Publications for giving permission to re-publish the early SOS magazines here, and to Future Publishing (who own the rights to the old Music Maker magazines E&MM, MT, H&SR) for giving me their blessing on the project to get them online, and the people who have helped out before launch in supplying magazines, scans and general feedback.

It has been (and will be for some time) a lot of work, and I hope it proves as useful to you as it has already to me.

We Need Your Help

If you find what we're doing here valuable, and want to see the site grow and continue, I'd be really grateful if you could contribute to the site by scanning or donating magazine issues that we don't have (see the Contribute page for details of how to do that and what we need).

Alternatively, please consider donating a small amount of money to go toward the site running costs and other items, such as purchasing outstanding magazine issues when they crop up occasionally.

Helping in this way will get us closer to one day completing the archive, benefiting the community at large, and preserving this material before it's gone forever.

I hope you enjoy the site!

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