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Control freak

Review | The Mix, Dec 1994
Lexicon Reflex

MIDI controllable reverb

Digital Dance

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1986
Lexicon PCM70

Paul White gets to grips with the first digital reverb to be fully touch-sensitive over MIDI, and finds it throws a whole load of additional effects into the bargain.

Dream machine

Review Audio | The Mix, Feb 1995
Lexicon PCM 80

Studio reverb, sucessor to the PCM 70

Jam Today!

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993
Lexicon Jam Man Digital Echo • Sampler • Loop Recorder

Hot from AES New York, we test this tasty loop recorder/sampler.

Lex Is More

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1992
Lexicon LXP15 Effects Processor

The Lexicon name is synonymous with high quality effects and extensive MIDI control. Martin Russ finds the LXP15 well up to scratch.

Lexicon 480L Effects System

Preview | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986

Put two Lexicon 224Xs in one box, add a sprinkling of new features, and you have the reverb-based effects unit to beat them all. Paul Wiffen has the advance details.

Lexicon Alex

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
effects processor

Can he create the right effect?

Lexicon LXP1 Multi-Effects Processor

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1988
and MRC MIDI Remote Control

The 'Lexicon sound" for a less than Lexicon price? Matt Isaacson checks out a state-of-the-art reverb unit intended to help make Lexicon a household name.

Lexicon LXP5

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1990
Multi-fx Processor

Their LXP1 brought luxury reverb within reach of home studios, now Lexicon's LXP5 offers a variety of new effects to the studio on a budget. Robert Rich reads the lexicon of fx.

Lexicon MRC

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1993
MIDI FX Controller

Programming Lexicon FX units has never been easier, thanks to this upgraded version of their remote control. And what do you know? Nicholas Rowland, not Top Cat, is the most effectual. Lexicon’s LXP-5 FX module gets the one-over too

Lexicon Of Love

Review | Recording Musician, May 1993
Lexicon Alex Digital Effects

How much did you say that new Lexicon will set me back? Unprecedented low price for a most excellent name!

Lexicon of Love

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1989
Lexicon LXP5 Multi-Effects Processor

Following the release of their acclaimed 'budget' LXP1 reverb, Lexicon have extended their presence in the affordable digital effects market with the LXP5 multi-effects unit. Dave Lockwood feels the quality.

Lexicon PCM60 Digital Reverberator

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Lexicon PCM70

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1986
Digital Effects Processor

This sophisticated processor is more than just a new digital reverb.

Pan Handler

Review Audio | The Mix, Jul 1994
Lexicon Vortex

Morphing FX box

Sheer Quality

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1988
Lexicon LXP1

There can be few effects devices around as prestigious and as desirable as those made by Lexicon. Now, with the release of the LXP1 16-bit processor, the classic Lexicon sound becomes truly affordable. David Hughes tastes the quality...

Smart Alex?

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1993
Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor

The Magnificent Seven...

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Dec 1984

...Reverbs. An across-the-range selection put through their paces, demonstrating both conventional and creative uses...

Total Creative Control

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1987
Lexicon PCM70

Launched over two years ago, the PCM70 digital effects processor is still at the forefront of technology thanks to Lexicon's foresight in making it software updatable and MIDI controllable in every conceivable way. Mark Badger checks it out.

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Hands On: Lexicon PCM70

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992

David Mellor takes an acknowledged classic effects unit for a road test.

Illusions of Space

Interview | Recording Musician, Aug 1992
The Man Behind The Lexicon Sound

David Griesinger pioneered the research behind the Lexicon digital reverb sound. He discusses his ideas with Paul White.

Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor

Feature | International Musician, Feb 1986
Studio Test

A bargain? From Lexicon? Curtis Schwartz thinks so

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Competition | The Mix, Dec 1994

...a fabulous Lexicon Reflex



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