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Doctor in the Mac

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Following on from our look at KCS last month - Clive updates us on the new version for the Mac

Doctors Orders

Review | Micro Music, Apr/May 1989

Clive Grace reviews KCS - One of the most transported sequencer packages around.

Dr T Keyboard Controlled Sequencer

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987
for Atari ST Computer

One of America's most innovative software houses comes up with its first program for a 16-bit computer, the Atari ST. Rick Davies takes it for a spin.

Dr T's Beyond

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1990
Software for Apple Macintosh

It's not often a new program enters the Macintosh stable of sequencers, but one notable newcomer is this package from Dr T's. Mike Collins dons Mac and boldly goes...


Review | Music Technology, Jun 1990
Software for the Amiga

One of the Atari ST's most flexible sequencers recently found itself ported across to the Commodore Amiga. Ian "Dr W" Waugh finds what Amiga owners have been missing.

Dr T'S KCS Omega

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1991
Atari ST Software

Combining four Dr T's programs, Omega brings together scorewriting, sequencing and powerful editing facilities on the Atari ST. Ian Waugh reckons it's Christmas.

Dr T's KCS With MPE, PVG, & Copyist

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1988
Atari ST Software

Dr T's Multi Program Environment allows their KCS sequencer, Programmable Variations Generator and Copyist scorewriter to be used as part of an integrated system. Lorenz Rychner goes soft.

Dr T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987

Mark Badger explores the programming environment of Dr T's 48-track keyboard controlled MIDI sequencing software for the Atari ST range of computers and draws some interesting conclusions...

Dr T's Midi Recording Studio

Review | Music Technology, May 1988
Software for the Atari ST

Budget software that sets out to prove that budget doesn't necessarily mean limited. Simon Trask puts the MIDI Recording Studio through its paces with his eye on the "features for ackers" gauge.

Dr T's Tiger

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1990

Never one to use a word when an acronym will do, Dr T's have christened their new sequencer The Integrated Graphic Editor and Recorder. Glen Darcy puts a Tiger in his tank.

Dr T's Tiger Cub

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1991
Commodore Amiga Software

Following its success as an Atari ST sequencing/notation program, Tiger Cub finds itself available to Commodore Amiga owners. Ian Waugh gets a new pet.

Dr T's Tiger Cub

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1990
Software for the Atari ST

Notorious for the numerical approach of their programs, Dr T's have incorporated GEM friendliness in their latest Atari ST sequencer and scorewriter. Ian Waugh reckons it's purrfect for those on a tight budget.

Dr. T's Beyond

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1990
Mac Sequencer

Sequencing software for the Macintosh has tended to be be either high-spec and highly priced, or entry-level budget ware. Have Dr. T found a happy medium with Beyond? Matthew Newman investigates.

Dr. T's MRS

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1989
Software for Atari ST/Amiga

MIDI sequencing software doesn't come much cheaper than Dr T's MIDI Recording Studio. Ian Waugh compares the Atari and Amiga versions of the affordable face of sequencing.

Dr.T'S KCS Amiga

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1991
Level II V3.5

Quality music software for the Commodore Amiga has been thin on the ground, but now there's at least one sequencer that can stand comparison to leading ST software. Paul Overaa checks out version 3.5 of Dr.T's KCS Level II.

Dr.T's Tiger

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1990
The Integrated Graphic EditoR

You don’t have to be a KCS owner to benefit from Tiger. If your Atari sequencer lacks graphical editing facilities but implements MIDI files, then real-time editing of sequence data is still possible. Chas Stoddard explains all.

Dr.T's Tiger Cub

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1990

Combining some of the best features of Dr.T's KCS sequencer and Tiger editor, along with a handy auto-scoring utility, this 12-track 'entry level' program packs an awful lot of power for its low price. Game warden David Hughes tracks it down.

Leader Of The Pack?

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990
Dr.T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer - Level II V3.0 for the Amiga

One music software house that showed greater awareness and belief in the Commodore Amiga from the outset was Dr.T. David Ellis checks out version 3.0 of their top-of-the-range sequencer to see how it rates against the growing competition.

Tiger Feet

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990

John Renwick gets his paws on the graphic sequence editor from Dr T

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

Doctor! Doctor!

Feature | Sound On Sound, Mar 1986
Software for Commodore 64

Dr.T's MIDI Sequencer software for the Commodore 64 has been much applauded in the USA for its versatile real-time and steptime operation. Now that it's available on prescription in the UK, we asked software surgeon Ian Waugh for his diagnosis...



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