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A&R Arcam One Monitors

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

AKG LSM50 Micro Monitors.

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1983


Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
150W Amp Head Plus Cab

Auratone T6 Monitors

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1984

B&W DM110/DM220

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1984

B&W Rock Solid Monitors

Review | Recording Musician, Oct 1992

They're stylish, they're cute, they're magnetically shielded - but how do they sound?

Bass: The Final Frontier

Review | Recording Musician, Nov 1992
Richard Allan RA8 Monitors and RA12 Sub-Bass Units

By combining two of their compact RA8 monitors with a pair of sub-bass units, RA have come up with an earth-shaking system at a realistic price.

Bose 101 Mini Monitors

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1984

Celestion SL6 Speakers

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984

Celestion SR1/SR3 Monitor System

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1990

Looking for a high-quality, lightweight live monitor system for your keyboard rig? Ian Sherwood discovers Celestion's SR series knocks out the watts.

Clarion Recording System

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983

Recording system review

Dawn Chorus

Review | Recording Musician, Aug 1992
Dawn Patrol Studio Monitors

Paul White tests an unusual pair of studio monitors from a new British manufacturer.

Electro-Voice Link 9 Speakers

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

HiFi linked with monitor

Electro-Voice Sentry 100A Speakers

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1984

Fostex SPA-11 Powered Monitors

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1984

Frazer Wyatt Speakers

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1984

Almost every keyboard exhibitor at the British Music Fair was using these British-designed and built speakers to play their products through. Paul White tries to find out why.

Honey, I Shrunk The Monitors

Review | Recording Musician, Mar 1993
Revox Mk1 NF Near Field Monitors

These tiny speakers are ideal for the task of home studio, near-field monitoring.

JBL 4208 Near Field Monitors

Review | Recording Musician, Jul 1992

One of a new range of stylish and cost-effective near-field monitors.

JBL 4401 Monitors

Review | Home & Studio Recording, May 1984

JBL Control 1 Monitors

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1987

It is easy to be fooled by their diminutive stature, but these tiny monitors pack one helluva sonic punch. Paul Gilby was on the receiving end.

Jbl Control 1 Plus/SB1 Sub-Bass Unit

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1990
Studio Monitors

Choosing studio monitors on a tight budget can be a demoralising experience - unless you're wise to JBL's new Control 1 Plus and its bass-driving partner. Nigel Lord takes control.

JBL's Control Micro Monitors

Review | Recording Musician, Feb 1993

Kord Audio Tornado/Vulcan Speakers

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1983

Korg MM-25 Monitor

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1983

A powerful new addition to the Korg range, a home, stage or studio monitor with a myriad of capabilities

Make Your Own Monitors

Review | Recording Musician, May 1993
Wilmslow Audio SPL1 Near-Field Monitor Kit

DIY-type nightmare, mates. Will it fall apart the first time you put a vase full of daffs on it? No way — this item is positively kit-tabulous!



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