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Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1989
Emu Systems Emax II

What do you get if you cross an Emax with a Proteus? An Emaximus perhaps, or maybe even a Protemax? Kendall Wrightson test drives Emu's new 16-bit sampler to find out.

E-Mu Emax Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987
Polyphonic Sampling Keyboard

An exclusive, in-depth report on the machine that promises to bring Emulator quality to the masses. Paul Wiffen, Emulator fan, finds out if the promises are fulfilled.

E-Mu Emax SE HD

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988
Sampling Keyboard

E-mu enhance their popular Emax sampler with a built-in 20 Meg hard disk and two new methods of sound synthesis. But how successful is the sampler-as-synthesiser? Bob O'Donnell takes it to the max.

E-Mu Systems EMAX

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987
Digital sampling keyboard

Much rumour and speculation has surrounded the launch of what Ian Gilby reckons to be the best mid-priced sampling keyboard on the market. So what makes Emax special? Read the UK's first in-depth review and find out.

E-Mu Systems Emax

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986
Sampling Keyboard

The 'baby Emulator', announced only a month ago, gets put through its paces by Paul Wiffen at E-mu's Californian HQ. It's good.

E-Mu Systems Emax II

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990

One of the most popular keyboard samplers of recent years is E-mu's Emax, now its place is to be taken by the Emax II. But will it prove as popular? Dave Richardson gets the Max.

E-mu Systems Emulator

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1982

E-Mu Systems Emulator III Version 1.21

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1988
Digital Sound Production Workstation

The latest version of E-mu's popular Emulator sampler incorporates stereo 16-bit sampling and a hard disk drive. Chris Meyer can't believe his ears.

Economy upgrade

Review | The Mix, Apr 1995

Affordable sampling from an original thinker

Emu Emax HD

Review | Making Music, Sep 1987
Hard Disc Sampler

standing for Hard Disc, as in rack mounted sampler. This device has so much memory, even Lemmy could remember what band he played for. Alastair Gavin indulges.

Emu Systems EIIIXP

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1993
Digital Sound Production System

EMU-Systems Emulator II

Review | One Two Testing, Nov 1984

the supreme sampling keyboard?

Emulator II

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1984
Eight-voice Polyphonic Sampling Keyboard

Paul Wiffen goes gaga over E-mu Systems' latest attempt at giving the average keyboard player complete control over the sound sampling process.

First Born

Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Feb 1991
E-mu Emulator

These days a few hundred pounds will buy you technology that once cost thousands. Gordon Reid looks at an early sampler and discovers there's more to it and its manufacturer than you might have known.


Review | The Mix, May 1995
E-mu Emulator IV

State-of-the-art sampling

Pushing Back Frontiers?

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1988
Emulator III Sampling Keyboard

If there is one company which has made its name on sampling that company is E-mu Systems. The term 'Emulator' is now synonymous with sampling and now the third instrument in this distinguished series is on the market. Paul Wiffen checks it out and finds E-mu bang up to date.

Spectrum Synthesis

Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1988
On the Emax Hard Disk Sampler

Unlike some samplers, Emax has stayed the course since its introduction over 18 months ago and has developed into a mature, well groomed specimen. Having released a Hard Disk version of the machine almost a year ago, Emu Systems have recently given Emax yet another lease of life with their Spectrum Synthesis upgrade, which turns the sampler into a powerful additive synthesizer. David Hughes tries it out

The Emulator... Two

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

The original Emulator brought sound-sampling out of the labs and onto the stage. The new model looks likely to repeat that success, and to transform sound sampling from precision recording into something like art.

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

Hands On

Feature | Topic: Sampling, Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Jul 1991
Emu Emax II

The first in an occasional series in which David Mellor looks at well-established and respected pieces of musical and audio equipment, and tells you what you need to know to start making music with them.

Hear You 'Lator

Feature | Topic: Sampling | One Two Testing, Dec 1983
Sampling The Emulator

Share reality with Culture Club producer Steve Levine, the Attractions' Steve Nieve, and keyboard whizz Dave Stewart.


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Oct 1988

Optical Media International Universe of Sounds Vol 3 for Emax, DPX1 and Emulator II joins our regular selection of readers' own synthesiser patches in MT's regular Patchwork column.

Sampling Synths

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Electronic Soundmaker, Oct 1983

We get the artists' views

Sweetening the pill

Feature | Topic: Sampling | The Mix, Dec 1994
Sampler test

Three big names, but which one’s the best?

Synth Computers

Feature | Topic: Computing, Synthesis & Sound Design | One Two Testing, Nov 1982

INPUT: computer analysis/Fairlight/Emulator/PPG/Synclavier/edit and compare/explain FILE FOUND: guest reviewer/Tom Dolby... ASSIGN



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