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OSCar Synthesiser

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1983

OSCar Update

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

A marriage made in heaven, as OSCar gets MIDI... we attend the reception.

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear:-

A Selective Survey of Lead Line Synthesizers

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1983

Roland, Yamaha, OSCar, Syrinx, Teisco and Moog


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Mar 1990

Readers' patches for the OSC OSCar and the Yamaha CS30 make this month's patchwork an all-analogue affar. This and Stiletto's Roland D-series and Casio CZ-series synths.



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