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Crystal Clear

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1992
Voice Crystal SY77 Disks 1 & 2

Martin Russ takes a break from programming sounds and auditions someone else's instead.


Review | Music Technology, Mar 1991

Acoustic drum samples from producer Bob Clearmountain rub shoulders with Mega Beats drum machine samples, while SSU sounds for the Yamaha SY77 complete the lineup in this month's Patchwork.

SY77 - The Power behind the Buttons! - Part 2

Review Series | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990
RCM Synthesis explained

In this second part of our in-depth review of the SY77 synthesizer, Martin Russ delves into Yamaha's ultra new synthesis method: Real-time Convolution and Modulation.

Yamaha SY-77

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990
Performance Synthesizer

John Renwick looks at the new SY-77 from Yamaha

Yamaha SY77 - Part 1

Review Series | Sound On Sound, Jan 1990
RCM Synthesizer

The DX7 captured musicians’ imaginations like no other synthesizer before or since. But the legacy of releasing endless variations on the DX theme has turned some musicians away from FM synthesis and into the waiting arms of a new generation of 'sample plus synth' keyboards. Now Yamaha are back with a vengeance, an even more powerful method of synthesis (Real-time Convolution and Modulation), and a spanking new flagship synth. But has the SY77 got what it takes to regain the hi-tech musician's vote? Martin Russ finds out.

Yamaha SY77 & TG55

Preview | Music Technology, Dec 1989

It's been a while since Yamaha revolutionised synthesisers with the DX7 but now they're making ambitious claims about their SY77. Simon Trask gets a glimpse of Yamaha's latest synth.

Yamaha SY77 Performance Synthesiser

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1990

Long awaited and long overdue, the SY77 is Yamaha's real successor to the DX7; it combines advanced FM synthesis, AWM sound modelling, digital filtering and musical usefulness. Innovation with Simon Trask.



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