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A Fresh Mix

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Apr 1985
CMC 24 Mixer

On the cheapest computer-assisted mixer yet, the AHB CMC 24. We take a look.

A Powerful Combination?

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1985
Yamaha MT44D Recording System

ACES 12-4-2 Mixer

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1984

ACES B1816

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1986
Could it be the perfect match?

Ever since Fostex released the B16 multitrack, mixer manufacturers have been claiming their models to be the ideal match for it. Dave Simpson reckons ACES' latest attempt comes damn close to being the perfect match at only £1300.

Aces BM1082 Mixer

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985

AGM Six Channel Mic Mixer

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984


Review | Home & Studio Recording, May 1985

AHB Keymix

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1986

Who wants a programmable modular mixer and three-band sweep EQ system that offers full MIDI control of channel routing/muting and all fits neatly into a 19-inch rack? "I do!" shouts Paul Gilby. Read why...

Alesis 1622 Mixer

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1990

Alesis are known, more than anything, for their digital signal processing expertise, yet their new mixer is an all analogue 16:2:2 design - but employing a revolutionary construction technique. Paul Ireson lends an ear.

Alesis 1622 Mixing Desk

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1990

Already renowned for producing high-quality budget equipment, Alesis have introduced a new 16-channel mixer. Ian Waugh discovers Monolithic Circuit Technology is behind the 1622's amazing performance.

Allen & Heath 1221

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982

Allen & Heath Saber Mixer

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1989

Moving upmarket? David Pickering Pick presents this user report on Allen & Heath's Saber console.

Allen & Heath System 8 Mixer

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1983

Atlantex 12/2

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

12 channel mixer for £300???

Canary Stereo 18 Channel B Series Mixer

Review | International Musician, Nov 1975

Carry On Mixing

Review | Recording Musician, Feb 1993
Soundcraft Spirit Folio

A quality name, a quality product, an affordable price tag — Soundcraft's new portable mixer seems to have it all. Derek Johnson wants to carry one home.

Clarion & Fostex

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
Clarion XD5500 4-track, XA5500 mixer. Fostex X-15

Clarion Recording System

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983

Recording system review

Effective Automators

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1988
Akai MB76 Programmable Mix Bay, PEQ6 Programmable Equaliser

Used together, the Akai MB76 Mix Bay and PEQ6 Equaliser can bring a limited but useful degree of automation to the MIDI-based home studio. Ian Gilby explains how.

Fostex 350 Mixer

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1982

Fostex 454

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1990

The gear piles up in your home studio, and you realise you can't manage another mix without a decent desk - but how can you afford it? Nigel "Mixmiser" Lord puts Fostex' budget desk through its paces.

Fostex 812 Recording & 2016 Line Mixers

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1990

Best known for their tape recorders and cassette-based multitrackers, this new generation of mixers from Fostex look like they will make more than a few converts. Dave Lockwood checks them out.

Fostex DCM100 & Mixtab

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1992
MIDI Mixing System

MIDI up your mix

Fostex MN-15 Mixer/Compressor

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1984

Hill Multimix

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984



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