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Affordable digital recording on the PC

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1993
Microsoft MSS PC Sound Card & Voyetra AudioView Digital Audio Editor


Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1988
Stereo Sample Editor for the Macintosh

Sampling keyboards have come a long way in the last three years, and as a result, the visual editing software available has rather fallen behind the specifications and features of current machines. Until now that is, with the advent of Alchemy from Blank Software, boasting a whole bunch of features new to computer-based sample editors. Paul Wiffen investigates.

Alchemy in the UK

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Sample editing was never so simple thanks to this Mac package

As Easy As EZE

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1990
Ensoniq EPS Sample Editor

Perhaps its because the auto-looping functions on Ensoniq's EPS sampler are so effective that computer-based sample editing software for the machine is so thin on the ground? Matthew Newman checks out Gelva Software's first offering.

Blank Software Alchemy

Review | Music Technology, May 1988
Sample Editing Software

A sample editing package to beat all sample editing packages? Robert Rich test-drives a universal editor that may be the answer to many a sampling studio's prayers.

Closer To The Edit

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1986
Mirage Visual Editor

Our resident Mirage expert Tony Hastings checks out this useful means of improving the sample manipulation facilities of the Mirage - in the form of a software package from Steinberg Research.

Déjà view?

Review | The Mix, Sep 1994
Voyetra Audio View

PC sample editor

Digital diplomat

Review | The Mix, May 1995
Passport Alchemy 3

Peace-broking sampling software

Doctoring the mouse

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Steinberg Recycle!

Sample groove editor for Mac

Drumware GenWave/12

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1988
Software for the Atari ST

The first generation of generic sample editors for the Atari ST is led by Drumware's GenWave. Lorenz Rychner breaks the language barrier.

Drumware Soundfiler

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988
Akai S900 Editor for the Atari ST

This comprehensive visual sample-editing package from America could be the answer to many S900 owner's prayers. Vic Lennard says: have ST will travel.

Increased Prophets

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1986

Keyboard programmer Paul Wiffen brings you the latest developments on the Sequential sampling system: the new 2002 rack-mount, and the superb Digidesign visual editing software. He also takes a look at the Prophet 2000 and passes on some useful tips for using its 'mapping' function to the full.


Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993
DSP Sample Looping Tools For Macintosh

Making Waves

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1991
Resotek Virtual Wave Software

Martin Russ investigates a software synthesis program that offers a wealth of new sounds for under £100.

Resotek Virtual Wave

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1992
Atari ST Software

Using your sampler as a synthesiser is wonderful in theory but frustrating in practice - until Virtual Wave, that is. Vic Lennard waves hello to Resotek's ST software.

Sampling Expandability

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
Akai S900 V2.0 & ASK90 and Steinberg Soundworks

Already a well-established sampler, the Akai S900 is on the receiving end of a series of software and firmware updates from Akai and Steinberg. Chris Jenkins boots them up.

Screen Test

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1985
Sound Designer Software

The Emulator II finds a new friend in the Apple Macintosh, courtesy of a little American ingenuity. Together, the two make sweet sound-editing music, as Paul Wiffen reports.

Sound Designer 2000 Software

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986

Digidesign's sound-editing software for the Emulator II has now been adapted for the Prophet 2000: Brian Devereux gives it the thumbs-up.

Sound Designer Universal

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1988

If you own several samplers or just want to transfer S900 samples into your mate’s FZ1, then this program will make life considerably easier. David Mellor creates some designer sounds with the Atari ST version of Digidesign’s universal sample editor.

Soundworks S900 Visual Editor

Preview | Sound On Sound, Feb 1987
Software for the Atari ST

After his recent jaunt on BBC TV's 'Micro Live' show, Atari ST owner Tony Hastings tries out Steinberg Research's new editing software for the Akai S900 sampler.

Steinberg Avalon

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1989

You've got the perfect S900 snare sample and you've just bought an Emulator III - you either start again or buy Avalon. Vic Lennard looks at a program which could become indispensable for sample editing and management.

Steinberg Avalon 2.0

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1991
Sample Editing Software For The ST

Martin Russ edits, analyses, time corrects and synthesizes as he explores the features of the Steinberg's Avalon software.

Turtle Beach Softworks Sample Vision

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1989
Software for the IBM PC

Generic sample editors have been giving Atari ST users a lead in sample editing for a while; now IBM PC users have the chance to get ahead. Dennis Miller has a vision.



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