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Acorn Atom Synthesiser Program

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1982

BBC Synth

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1984

MuProc software

Calculated Risk?

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Nov 1984

MusiCalc Software. The best software yet for the Commodore 64?

Digidesign SoftSynth

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Software for the Atari ST

Simultaneously making the transition from Mac to Atari ST and crossing the Atlantic, this software package gives sampling a new slant. Chris Jenkins boots it up.

Digidesign SoftSynth Version 2.0

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987

The program that can turn your sampler into a synthesiser has added an FM synthesis string to its bow, yet doesn't promise to be a DX replacement. Mac addict Chris Meyer takes a look.

Digidesign Turbosynth

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1988
Synthesis Software

CAD meets synthesis inside the Apple Mac. Robert Rich fires up a program that allows you to design your sounds on computer before transferring them to your sampler.

Digidesign Turbosynth

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1988
The Return of the Modular Synthesizer

Digidesign continue to add to their innovative range of synthesis programs which use the flexibility of computers for sound creation and the hardware of MIDI samplers to replay the sounds. Paul Wiffen finds he loves the former but hates the latter.

Dr T's/Virtual Sounds Samplemaker

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1989

From the American Dr Ts comes an Atari ST program capable of additive, FM, AM and multiwaveform synthesis as well as sample editing. Chris Meyer asks if facilities are everything.

Good Vibrations

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1989
Digidesign Softsynth & Turbosynth

What can you do with a sampler when you're bored of sampling? Paul Ireson finds an answer to this question in the form of creative software from Digidesign that can turn your sampler into a powerful synthesizer.

Jen Musipack 1.0

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, May 1984

Exclusive instrument review

Jen Musipack 1.0

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1984

David Ellis and the sad tale of an Italian computer music add-on that bears more than a passing resemblance to established designs from the States.

MTU Instrument Synthesis

Review Audio | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1981
Software Package

Scratch Samples

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986
Digidesign SoftSynth

E&MM US Editor Rick Davies takes a trip to Palo Alto, California, to see an Apple Mac software package that uses additive synthesis to turn samplers into synthesisers.

Softly, Softly

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1984

A review of 'Keyboards', a software package for the BBC Model B.

Soundchaser Computer Music System

Review Audio | Electronics & Music Maker, Jan 1982

Turbo Charged

Review | Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

John Renwick takes an internal sound chip synth program for the Atari ST for a test drive

TurboSynth Software

Review | Phaze 1, Nov 1988
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Dumping Grounds - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Sampling | Music Technology, Apr 1987

The start of another series, in which Chris Meyer reveals just how useful the new MIDI Sample Dump Standard can be in everyday applications.



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