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A Different Drum

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985
M.P.C. Percussion Roundup

The MPC percussion system: DSM1/2; DSM 8 Auto Tom; DSM 32 x 4 drum synth; Programmers Rhythm Sequencer.

A Thousand Sounds

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986
Simmons SDS1000

Simmons successor to the SDS800 combines the best of analogue and sampling technology. Nigel Lord approves.

AHB Inpulse One Drum Computer

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984

Beat On The Cheap

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Feb 1984
Budget Beats

A beat on the cheap?

Boss Dr Pads

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1986

Put six PCM drum sounds in a small black box, add a velocity-sensitive pad and a sprinkling of controls, and you have some pretty neat add-on percussion modules. Dan Goldstein hits and listens.

Boss Dr Pads

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1987

Mark Jenkins reviews this handy set of power-packed sampled percussion pads.

C-Ducer APT

Review | International Musician, Jan 1986

The ultimate compromise and the way forward for drummers reviewed by Bob Henrit

Cactus Desert Drums

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984
Electronic Drum Kit

Cactus Drum Synth

Review | One Two Testing, Jun 1984

budget synth drums

Cactus MkII Electronic Drums

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1984

A revised version of ex-E&MM staffer Pete Kershaw's electronic percussion system: it uses a hybrid of analogue and digital technology. Review by Paul White.


Review | Electronic Soundmaker, May 1985
Pearl DRX-1 Electronic Drums

Pearl's late entry into the electronic drum kit stakes looks like a winner - eight kits can be programmed into its memory.

Clavia Ddrum 2

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1988
Digital Drum Kit

First there were Ddrums... Nicholas "animal" Howland returns to his skin-bashing roots to test a Swedish electronic kit that aims to replace its acoustic relative.


Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1984
Electronic Percussion System

Marketed in the US as E-Drums, these Swedish-built percussion units combine high quality digital samples with immense constructional sturdiness. Dan Goldstein again.

Double Take

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985
Klone Dual/Paragon Percussion

The Klone Dual and Paragon Percussion's DVXM — Two stand-alone Drum-synth modules that offer a cheaper way into electro-percussion than the Simmons of this world.

Dynacord ADD-one

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1986
Digital Drum Module

We preview the most sophisticated electronic percussion system yet devised. It's incredibly versatile, but it doesn't come cheap, as Paul Wiffen reveals.

Dynacord digital drums

Review | One Two Testing, Oct 1984

Deutsche elektronische drummen

Frontline Effects Boxes

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1983

Hits From The Stick

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986
Dynacord Rhythm Stick

A guitar for drummers, a percussion controller for keyboardists, or a drum-kit for guitar players? The Rhythm Stick could be all of these things, as Nigel Lord discovers.

JHS DX-5 Pro-Rhythm Mini Synth

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1982

Kit vs Klone

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Klone Dual Percussion Synthesiser

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1984

A simple, twin-pad drum-synth - from the Klone Kit people - put under the E&MM microscope by Geoff Twigg.

Klone Kit

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1983

M&A Electronic Kit

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1984

An all-analogue electronic drum kit with built-in sequencer. Made in Britain by Magic Music: tested by Paul White.

M&A K-1/B Drum Kit

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1983

MPC Drum Synthesiser Modules

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984
And Live Pads



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