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Yamaha KX88/TX816

Review | International Musician, Apr 1985

A remote keyboard and modules with frighteningly good sounds

Hi-Tech Xpansion

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1985

As Yamaha's 'X' range of hi-tech hardware continues to grow, Dan Goldstein and Trish McGrath present an exclusive appraisal of two of the range's most affordable additions, the TX7 FM Expander and QX7 MIDI Keyboard Recorder.

Yamaha TX7 expander/QX7 sequencer

Review | One Two Testing, May 1985

FM for everyone

Xpert System

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, May 1985
Yamaha QX7 sequencer / TX7 expander

The latest additions to Yamaha's 'X' range - the QX7 keyboard recorder and TX7 expander look to be some of the most interesting yet.

Yamaha X-series MIDI System

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985
TX816 Rack, QX1 Digital Sequencer, KX88 Master Keyboard

At last, a detailed appraisal of Yamaha's state-of-the-art MIDI system. FM rack, digital keyboard recorder and master keyboard come under David Ellis' careful scrutiny.

Performance Power

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985
Yamaha's QX1 Sequencer, KX88 Master Keyboard, TX816 Modules

Yamaha's professional FM sequencer master keyboard and FM modules.

Yamaha TX7 FM Expander & QX7 Sequencer

Review | International Musician, Jul 1985

Strongly recommended to DX owners. Reviewed by Curtis Schwartz

Yamaha FB-01

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1986

Offering 240 FM sounds, with up to 8-voice polyphony, and control via MIDI mono mode, the FB-01 takes the crown as the cheapest expander on the market today. Martin Russ casts his vote.

Yamaha FB01

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1986
FM Sound Generator

Yamaha's preset synth expander offers a multitude of FM sounds for reasonable money, and also boasts MIDI Mono Mode for multi-timbral recording. David Ellis gives his verdict.

Yamaha FB01 FM Module

Review | Making Music, Nov 1986

Yamaha FB01

Review | International Musician, Dec 1986

It's FM, it's got mono-mode, it's cheap(ish), and it's wonderful. Martin Moody relates to Yamaha's new MIDI expander

Yamaha TX81Z FM Module

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987

"Son of FB01" is one way to describe Yamaha's latest FM module, which adds programmability and a number of the features given to the new DX7. Martin Mickleburgh keeps it in the family.

Yamaha TX81Z FM Expander

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1987

This latest four operator FM tone generator takes over where the stop-gap FB01 left off. It may be fully programmable and share some of the new facilities of the DX7 MkII, but is it a winner? Mark Badger finds out.

Yamaha TX81Z & MDF1

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1987

After April's In Brief review, Rick Davies sends us a user report on the latest FM synth module, and throws in a review of the MDF1 MIDI data filer for good measure.

Yamaha TX802

Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1987
The Multi-Instrumentalist

Taking over where the TX816 left off, this DX7II in a rack is the very latest in a long line of powerful FM synth expanders. Mark Badger puts it in perspective.

Yamaha TX802

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
FM Synthesizer Module

Is this the FM synth you've been waiting for? Dan Goldstein takes a look at Yamaha's new six-operator, multi-timbral module.

Yamaha TX802

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1987
FM Synthesiser

Another member of Yamaha's world-beating FM family; Howard Massey finds this powerful rack-mount right up his digital street.

A New Angle On FM?

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1989
Yamaha TQ5 Expander

Stylish or ugly, don't let the TQ5’s unconventional casing distract you from the fact that with its 8-track integral sequencer and digital effects, this 4-operator FM expander packs a pretty powerful punch for the money. David Hughes reports from his ring-side seat.

Yamaha TQ5 Tone Generator

Review | Phaze 1, Jun 1989

Yamaha TQ5

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

John Renwick puts this sequencer/sound module through its paces

Yamaha TQ5

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1989
FM Tone Generator

It's small, grey and made by Yamaha - it must be an FM MIDI expander. Ian Waugh checks out the latest application of Yamaha's favourite synthesiser technology.

Yamaha SY77 & TG55

Preview | Music Technology, Dec 1989

It's been a while since Yamaha revolutionised synthesisers with the DX7 but now they're making ambitious claims about their SY77. Simon Trask gets a glimpse of Yamaha's latest synth.

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

TX7 - To The Limit

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Jun 1986

Ray Elder details a way of creating new programs of your own on Yamaha's TX7 expander without having to use a DX7. All you need is a Spectrum computer, some DX7 voice editing software and the free advice contained within this article!

Technically Speaking

Feature | Topic: Computing, MIDI | Making Music, Apr 1987


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Sep 1987

A review of ESQ1 cartridges from Executive Audio joins readers' patches for it and the Roland D50 and Yamaha TX81Z - all in this month's Patchwork.



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