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Akai S612

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985
Midi Sound Sampler

Akai S612

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985
Polyphonic MIDI Sound Sampler

A real advance in the field of accessible polyphonic sound sampling. Tim Goodyer finds out if the 612's beauty is more than price-tag-deep.

Akai S612

Review | In Tune, Oct 1985

Akai S900 MIDI Digital Sampler

Review | In Tune, Jul 1986

Akai S900 Revisited

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987

S900 owner David Mellor receives a package in the post from Akai, which rekindles his enthusiasm in the sampler which was one of the first to combine a wealth of facilities with a reasonable price. Will the Version 2.0 software update bring the Akai into line with the latest samplers on the market or has it become old technology - just after its first birthday?

Akai S900 Sampler

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986

Akai's super-sampler carries on where their S612 left off. Paul Wiffen finds its ease of use belies its sophistication.

Akai S950

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1989

The successor to Akai's industry standard S900 hits the streets.

Akai S950 Digital Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989

As musicians demand ever more from their samplers, Akai replace the studio-standard S900 with an enhanced machine. Vic Lennard samples the march of progress.

Akai the New

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1985

A fresh look at the production model of the Akai S612 MIDI controlled sound sampler by Steve Howell.

Anvil Percussion Synthesiser

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1985

An all-British sound-sampling and drum-synthesising MIDI percussion machine with built-in sequencer gets an exclusive preview courtesy of David Ellis - there's even comment from the designers.

Big Guns

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988
Roland S550/S330 Sampling Modules

David Mellor looks at Roland's flagship rackmount sampler, the S550, and its newly launched escort vessel, the S330. Are they squaring up to fire a broadside at the enemy's sampling fleet? Find out inside.

Bits & Pieces

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1988
How To Upgrade Your Akai S900

What do you do when your 12-bit Akai S900 sampler starts to seem a little underspecified in comparison with the latest models? Upgrade it with a '16-bit injection' from Marion Systems. David Mellor reports.


Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1989
Emu Systems Emax II

What do you get if you cross an Emax with a Proteus? An Emaximus perhaps, or maybe even a Protemax? Kendall Wrightson test drives Emu's new 16-bit sampler to find out.

E-Mu Emax Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987
Polyphonic Sampling Keyboard

An exclusive, in-depth report on the machine that promises to bring Emulator quality to the masses. Paul Wiffen, Emulator fan, finds out if the promises are fulfilled.

E-Mu Emax SE HD

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988
Sampling Keyboard

E-mu enhance their popular Emax sampler with a built-in 20 Meg hard disk and two new methods of sound synthesis. But how successful is the sampler-as-synthesiser? Bob O'Donnell takes it to the max.

E-Mu Systems Emax

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986
Sampling Keyboard

The 'baby Emulator', announced only a month ago, gets put through its paces by Paul Wiffen at E-mu's Californian HQ. It's good.

E-Mu Systems EMAX

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987
Digital sampling keyboard

Much rumour and speculation has surrounded the launch of what Ian Gilby reckons to be the best mid-priced sampling keyboard on the market. So what makes Emax special? Read the UK's first in-depth review and find out.

E-Mu Systems Emax II

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990

One of the most popular keyboard samplers of recent years is E-mu's Emax, now its place is to be taken by the Emax II. But will it prove as popular? Dave Richardson gets the Max.

Eat your heart out PPG!

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1986
Akai S900 Sampler

Akai's first foray into the sampling market, the S612, was a resounding success. Their new sampling system, aimed more at studios, is considerably more advanced yet still a respectable price. Eventually it will incorporate a multitrack event recorder and harmonic synthesis module, but just released is the first system component - the S900 rack-mount sampler. Mark Jenkins checks it out.

Increased Prophets

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1986

Keyboard programmer Paul Wiffen brings you the latest developments on the Sequential sampling system: the new 2002 rack-mount, and the superb Digidesign visual editing software. He also takes a look at the Prophet 2000 and passes on some useful tips for using its 'mapping' function to the full.

Korg DSS-1

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1987
Sampling Synthesizer

The DSS-1 offers 12-bit sampling, high fidelity samples, integral dual digital delay and EQ, plus the most comprehensive synthesizer section of all the midrange samplers. Review by Mark Jenkins.

Korg DSS1 Sampling Synthesiser

Review | Making Music, Aug 1986

Looping the colour

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
Citronic RS32

A sampler for the DJ

Oberheim DPX1

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1987
Sample Replay Unit

In a musical climate dominated by preset sounds, why not produce a rack-mounting unit that simply replays other people's samples? Paul Wiffen analyses Oberheim's attempt at doing just that.

Oberheim DPX1 Sample Player

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987

Instead of following other keyboard manufacturers sheep-like into sampling machines, Oberheim have come up with a unique device which doesn't sample but replays disks from several other samplers. Paul Wiffen investigates.



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