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A New Track Record?

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986
Yamaha MT1X 4-Track Cassette Recorder

MIDI 4-track recorder

A Powerful Combination?

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1985
Yamaha MT44D Recording System

Aiwa AD-F770 Stereo Cassette Recorder

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Aiwa AD-WX110E Tape Recorder

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1983

Aiwa WX110 Dual Cassette Deck

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1984

Amstrad Studio 100

Review | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

Eamonn Percival assesses the atributes of Amstrad's multi-track recorder

Audio Technica AT-RMX64

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1985
Multitrack Cassette Recorder

Neville Unwin puts this sophisticated home studio package through its paces.

Audio Technica AT-RMX64 'Portastudio'

Review | International Musician, Feb 1986
Studio Test

The portastudio that would be Nassau

Audio-Technica AT-RMX64

Review | In Tune, Feb 1986
4-Track Recorder/Mixer

Casio KX101

Review | One Two Testing, Jun 1984

keyboard, cassette and radio

Clarion & Fostex

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
Clarion XD5500 4-track, XA5500 mixer. Fostex X-15

Clarion XA5600A Cassette Deck

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1984

Double Feature

Review | Recording Musician, Mar 1993
Fostex MC102 Keyboard Mixer/Cassette Recorder

What a good idea — a stereo mastering cassette machine and a mixer in a compact rack package!

Format of the Future?

Review | Recording Musician, Oct 1992
Philips DCC 900 Digital Cassette Recorder

Philips' new consumer tape format tested under studio conditions.

Fostex X-15 Multitracker

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1983

Fostex X18

Review | Music Technology, May 1992
Cassette Multitracker

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to add multitrack tape recording to your sequencing setup, it couldn't come much more cheaply than with Fostex' X18. Simon Trask goes back to basics with this new cassette multitrack.

Fostex X28

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1991
Cassette Multitracker

Policemen look younger, you start to disown parts of your record collection and, just as surely with the passing of time, entry-level cassette multitrackers sprout more inputs and features. Dave Lockwood tries to keep up with the Fostex X28.

Fostex X28

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1992
Cassette Multitracker

When cassette multitrackers were new they said everybody should have one - now that there are machines like the X28 around, everybody can. Nigel Lord says small is beautiful.

Fostex X30

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987

Take the Fostex X15, restyle it, add new features, raise the price by the cost of a dirty weekend in Blackpool and you've got their new X30 multitracker. Nicholas Rowland finds out if they're on the right track.

Marantz CP430 Stereo Cassette Recorder

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

Marantz Professional PMD740 Multitracker

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1993

The cassette 4-track is still the focal point of the home studio, and Marantz have produced a serious challenger to the familiar Portastudio. How does it measure up? How will musicians’ take to it? How does Nicholas Rowland do it?

One Upmanship

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985
Tascam Porta One

A sensational budget portastudio from Tascam, the Porta One, looks like being on most musicians' Most Wanted list. We bring it back alive.

Rocker's revenge

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
Marantz PMD720

Four tracks made more affordable

Sansui WSX1

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990
Multitrack Recorder

Already established in hi-fi, Sansui have made their musical debut in the form of a number of multitrack cassette machines, among them the WSX1. Nigel Lord reckons the "studio in a box" is finally here.

Six Appeal

Review | Recording Musician, Mar 1993
Vestax MR66 6-Track Recorder and RMC88 Studio Mixer

Put these two together and you have a flexible recording and mixing system.



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