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2 of a Kind

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1986
AKG K240DF headphones and AKG C535EB mic

Mike Skeet gives us his opinion on these monitor quality headphones. Are they really an alternative to mixing on speakers? Next he takes a look at the C535EB microphone.

A Bunch Of Five...

Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1986
Shure Microphones

We gathered together five different types of microphone from the current Shure product range and gave them to sound engineer Dave Lockwood to test. Read his report in this issue.

A Nice Pair

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1987
Beyer microphones

Want to know how the electret principle functions? Or the difference between pressure and pressure-gradient microphones? Then read the review, as recording engineer Gareth Stuart field tests the most recent additions to the famous Beyer range.

AKG CMS Modular Condenser Microphone System

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1984

And Then There Were Three

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1986
Toa K4, K1 and J3 Mics

Three new microphones make their stand and acquit themselves well.

Audio Technica AT4033

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1992
Studio Condensor Mic

Audio Technical new AT4033 offers the performance and precision construction that usually carry a premium price tag. Dave Lockwood looks at this attractive alternative to some big name mics.

Audio-Technica Microphones

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1984

Audio-Technica Pro 5 and ATM 10

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1985

Beam me up Scotty

Review | The Mix, Oct 1994
Beyer DT159 & DT329

Headset mics

Beyer MC740

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1989
Condenser Microphone

Good quality microphones can be a real asset to any type of studio, but if you want the best tools you should be prepared to pay the price for them. Gareth Stuart considers the worth of Beyer's top of the range condenser mic.

Beyer MCE81 Condenser Microphone

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1988

Beyer's MCE81 condenser mic is their latest addition to a long line of sturdy, high quality studio and stage microphones. Gareth Stuart finds out just what it records best.

Black magic box

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Audio Technica AT4050

High-quality studio mic

Calrec 600 Series Microphones

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1983

Calrec Soundfield

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1982
A versatile microphone — and its British!

Calrec Soundfield (Mark 4)

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1984

Cutec Microphones

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Electro-Voice Pro-Line Microphones

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1983

Fender Microphones

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1984
Fender P1, D1 & M1.

From Russia with love...

Review | The Mix, Jul 1994
Oktava MK012

Three-capsule Russian condenser mic

Groove Is In The Heart

Review | Recording Musician, May 1993
Groove Tubes MD1 & MD2 Tube Microphones

They're Groovy, they're Tubey, they're born in the USA and they glow in the dark. Bring a little warmth into your life.

Inner tube

Review | The Mix, Jan 1995
BPM Studio Technik TB94

Affordable valve mic

Keeping Ahead

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1986
Ramsa WM-S1E, 2E, 5E and 10E Mics

Dr Simon Bateson delivers a fair and detailed report on a rather unusual range of microphones.

Microtech Gefell UM92S

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1993
Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone

Milab BM73 Condenser Microphone

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

Milab P14C & DC96B Microphones

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1983



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