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One Two Testing - December 1982 (Guitar Special)


This article has no OCR bodytext.Contest

Win one of four superb guitars, a gold plated microphone or a set of books. Nearly £2,000 worth of prizes.

Facts And Fibbers

Marvel at previously unrevealed secrets of famous musical instruments and their inventors.

The Summers' Collection

Andy Summers

Gaze lustfully at the private guitar collection of Andy Summers, captured on film by the man himself.

Science and the Six String

The Story of the Guitar Synth

Learn the history of the guitar synthesiser and what the stars think of them.

Not The Guitar Chord Book

The Jenkins Method

Argue with six string instructor and cult rock hero Billy Jenkins on the best way of teaching yourself to play.

Hands Across The Wire

Understand the tricks of the trade in our illustrated analysis of guitar skills and techniques.

Simple Set-Ups For Light Fingers

Discover how to make your acoustic feel and play as speedily as a light strung electric with guitar technician Adrian Legg.

Show Me!
Show Report

Gasp at the very latest instruments to hit the street plus sneak previews of tomorrow's guitars in Tony Bacon's deadline report from the Frankfurt trade fair.

Article Group:
4 on 6's

4 On 6's

Read the innermost thoughts of four of the land's most closely followed guitarists — Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), Dave Gregory (XTC), Kelly Johnson (Girlschool) and Andy Taylor (Duran Duran).

4 On 6's - Stephen Fellows

Comsat Angels

4 On 6's - Kelly Johnson


4 On 6's - Andy Taylor

Duran Duran

Casio PT-30

Wonder at the miracle of microchip technology as we tinkle with the newest Casio mini synth.

Korg Poly 61

Shake with disbelief as you find out Korg have produced a 12 oscillator, 64 memory polyphonic for under a grand.

Tri-Fantom Drums

Lash out in excitement at the percussion set-up that offers three drums and a stand for a ton.

Tokai 54 Amp

Grow misty eyed as vintage revisitors Tokai call up the sounds of 1954.

Taurus II Pedals

Stand on one foot to play Moog's newly designed version of their famous bass pedals.

One Two Testing - Copyright: IPC Magazines Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


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