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Electronics & Music Maker - April 1984


The Means to Communicate

Vic Emerson

Vic Emerson

An interview with one of Britain's most gifted keyboard players and programmers. He takes us through the various electronic instruments he's owned, and gives some insight into how to go about programming such complex polysynths as the Yamaha CS80 and Rhodes Chroma.

Klone Dual Percussion Synthesiser

A simple, twin-pad drum-synth - from the Klone Kit people - put under the E&MM microscope by Geoff Twigg.

Vox Venue PA120 and PA112H Speakers

Peter Maydew on a new budget PA system from a well-respected name.

The New Simmons Kits

Simmons SDS7 and SDS8

In a special report, Ultravox drummer Warren Cann takes a look at two new electronic drum-kits from Simmons - the people who started it all. One is a straight forward 'Simmons-sound-on-a-budget' model, the other a sophisticated modular system employing both analogue and digital sound-generation, as well as versatile user-programmability.

Vox White Shadow Bass Guitar

First unveiled at the Frankfurt Musik Messe, the White Shadow range is one of the cheapest 'quality' guitar lines currently available. Tim Oakes examines the fretless bass variant.

Fad Gadget

Fad Gadget

In which the man behind the mask - Frank Tovey - explains his attitudes to playing, writing, and recording his own particular brand of idiosyncratic electronic music.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Carlsbro Competition

Your last chance to win Carlsbro gear - in the shape of a Cobra 90 PA system, complete with speakers.

Ibanez Multi-Effects

Ibanez UE400 and UE405

Two versatile effects units that aim to combine the best of both worlds: the flexibility of pedals and the neatness of rack-mounting systems.


Readers send in their own favourite synth sounds and how to generate them. Plenty of monosynths this month, including the Moog Prodigy, Transcendent 2000 and Roland SH-101.

Yamaha Personal Keyboards

PS200, PS300, PS400

The complete PS personal keyboard range put into a musician's perspective by Trish McGrath; surprisingly, the cheapest model turns out to be the best buy.

Crumar Composer Polysynth

A four-section synthesiser complete with breath control, tested by Geoff Twigg.

Ian Boddy on the Jupiter 6

Solo electronic music composer Boddy gives a personal overview of Roland's mid-price polysynth.

Roland TR909 and MSQ-700

Rhythm Composer and Digital Keyboard Recorder

A matching analogue/digital drum-machine and digital keyboard recorder come under the gaze of Dan Goldstein and Geoff Twigg.

On Stage
Music Review

Herbie Hancock, John Miles.

Understanding the DX7 Part 1

DX7-owner Jason Chapman and the first of a new series on how to find your way round these revolutionary Yamaha synthesisers. Part 2 next month.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

New releases from Thomas Dolby, Laurie Anderson and Simple Minds, among others.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Cassette
Music Review

Readers' own demo recordings reviewed.

Modular Synthesis Part 4

Percussion Sounds

Steve Howell investigates conventional drum-kit sounds and how to synthesise them, using even the most basic of instruments.

Brian Chatton on the Poly 800

Hot-foot from a mammoth UK tour as part of John Miles' backing-band, this well-respected keyboardist gives his own impressions of life on the road with Korg's latest MIDI-equipped polysynth.

Mind Over Music

The psychology of piano-playing.

Talking Shop

Music Village

Music Village, Chadwell Heath.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


Fairlight, Drumulator, MIDI software.

The Gentle Art Of Transcription Part 1

Setting the Scene

Part one of a survey of music-printing instruments.

The Ins and Outs of Digital Design

An in-depth investigation into the problems of digital filter design and their possible effects, plus a simple circuit for an ultra-powerful low-pass filter.

Softly, Softly

A review of 'Keyboards', a software package for the BBC Model B.

The Syndrom Part 1

How it Works

Part one of a series on designing and building a digital percussion sampling device.

Universal Bass Pedal Synth

A complete, step-by-step guide to constructing a pedalboard compatible with just about any 1-volt-per-octave synth.

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