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Electronics & Music Maker - June 1984


Thanks for the Memory?

The Guitarist's Revenge

The all-but-forgotten guitar synth is due to return to music shops with a vengeance this summer, in the shape of Roland's GR700/G707 system and a breathtaking new British design, the SynthAxe. Paul White puts both instruments through their paces.

Boss DD2 Digital Delay Pedal

Boss have finally managed to get a fully-fledged digital delay unit into the compact dimensions of a pedal. Paul White finds out if the reduction in size has had any side-effects.

Jen Musipack 1.0

David Ellis and the sad tale of an Italian computer music add-on that bears more than a passing resemblance to established designs from the States.

MFB Digital Drum Machine

An RRP of under £300 makes this German-built unit the cheapest source of sampled rhythm patterns on the market. Review by Paul White.

Siel MIDI Expander

Geoff Twigg takes a look at this MIDI-standard synth-without-a-keyboard.

Junk Culture


Synth-pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark talk to Dan Goldstein about the twists and turns in their musical development, and how they managed to make their new album, Junk Culture, sound more acoustic through the use of computer instruments.

SCI Model 64 Sequencer

Sequential Circuits' MIDI sequencer for the Commodore 64 looks like a bargain at only £185. David Ellis checks out the reality.

Editing on the Model 64

A simple program that extends the on-screen editing facilities of SCI's MIDI sequencer, with a description by the author, Billy Cowie.

Article Group:
MIDI Supplement - Part Two

An Electronics & Music Maker Special Supplement

Technical Introduction

Paul White outlines the theory behind the new interconnection standard.

Inside MIDI

And following on from that, David Ellis takes an in-depth look at how the MIDI system works, and the sort of potential it encompasses.

MIDI and the Micro

A complete guide to all the hardware interfaces for home micros available so far, plus the software that goes with them.

BeeBMIDI Part 1

Designer Jay Chapman describes the construction of E&MM's own MIDI interface for the BBC Model B home computer. There's also a test program to check your interface is working as it should do.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Cassette
Music Review

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Modular Synthesis Part 6

Woodwind Sounds

Woodwind sounds - from both the Western and non-Western worlds - are the subject of this month's missive from Steve Howell.

Understanding the DX7 Part 3

Part three, and a second took at a Yamaha factory preset. Jay Chapman takes you through it step by step.


Readers send in their own favourite synth sounds and details of how to generate them. Synths featured this month are the Yamaha DX9 and Roland JX3P.

State of Independence

Dan Goldstein sifts through the stack of independent vinyl that landed in the E&MM offices following our appeal, and finds each record has a different tale to tell.

Talking Shop

Holiday Music

Article Group:
Computer Musician


More MIDI meanderings...


Music Mate, Mainframe's Apple sound sampler and updates for the Synergy.

The Gentle Art of Transcription Part 2

Printing the Part

David Ellis concludes his survey of music-transcribing devices. Among the products featured this month are units from Fairlight, New England Digital, Con Brio and Xerox.

The Programmable Digital Sound Generator Part 2

Part 2: Applying the PDSG

Some typical applications of the Programmable Digital Sound Generator, outlined by its designer, Alan Boothman.

The Syndrom Part 2

Getting it together

PCB overlay and pricing details, plus apologies for the gremlins that crept into part one of David Ellis' description of this digital percussion sampling device.

Multi-waveform LFO

A useful add-on for signal processors having an external modulation input. Design and presentation by Paul White.

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