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Electronics & Music Maker - September 1984


Fair's Fair

Editor's views.

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Newsdesk Special
Show Report

British Music Fair '84

What captured our attention at the recent British Music Fair in London.

Oberheim Xpander

A synth without a keyboard for the best part of £4000? It sounds unrealistic, but this module is possibly the most versatile currently available. Paul White gives his verdict.

Zypher Electronics Digi-Atom 4800

Analogue-to-MIDI converter

The first of its kind to appear on the UK market, the Digi-Atom is a CV-to-MIDI converter that allows old analogue equipment to be used in conjunction with new MIDI gear. Paul White again.

Audio Electronics System Speaker

They look like Bose, they sound like Bose, but they're made in Britain and they're a lot cheaper. Paul White investigates.

Cutec MX1210 Mixing Console

Well constructed, facility-laden and reasonably priced, the Cutec is also one of the most attractive small mixers we've seen. Paul White finds out if beauty is more than skin deep.

MicroLink System ML10

for Casio MT200 and Sinclair Spectrum

Micro Musical's latest hardware/software package links the Casio MT200 to the Sinclair Spectrum home micro. Somehow, Paul White managed to find time to review it.

Roland MPU401 MIDI Processing Unit

and MRC real-time recorder program

The Digital Group's MIDI interface is now available in the UK and compatible with Apple and IBM PC micros. Katie Robinson checks out the unit and its associated composing software package, MRC.

Expanding MIDI

Two New Developments From Sycologic

We take a brief look at two new bits of hardware - an analogue-to-MIDI interface and an expansion board for the DX7 - from Syco Systems' research wing, Sycologic.

Cactus MkII Electronic Drums

A revised version of ex-E&MM staffer Pete Kershaw's electronic percussion system: it uses a hybrid of analogue and digital technology. Review by Paul White.

The Creative Technology Institute

Chris and Cosey

Formerly one half of Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey have since leapt to the forefront of Britain's avant garde electronic music scene. Interview by Dan Goldstein.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Vinyl verdicts: new releases by Torch Song, 23 Skidoo, and Kitaro, among others.

On the International Track

Thomas Leer

Solo synthesist Thomas Leer has gone from Stylo phone to Fairlight in four easy stages. He tells Dan Goldstein how it was done.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Cassette
Music Review

You send in the demo tapes - we review them.

On Stage
Music Review

Two sparkling summer concerts, by Ultravox and Michael Nyman.

Win Korg's New MIDI Modules

The second part of our competition requires you to read our review of the Korg EX800/RK100 system, and then answer questions about their respective specifications.

The SynthMix Part 2

Paul White concludes our keyboard mixer project, with full constructional and wiring details.

Modular Synthesis Part 9

Using Sequencers with Modular Systems

More about modular sequencing and the effects it can be used for. Steve Howell educates.

Dual Voltage-Controlled LFO

A versatile modular low frequency oscillator project, with complete kits available from Digisound.

Understanding the DX7 Part 6

Our guide to Yamaha FM synthesis continues: this month, Jay Chapman looks at the delights of sub-algorithms.


Readers send in details of their own synth sounds and how to play them. Instruments featured this month include the Korg Polysix, Memorymoog and Yamaha CS30.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


The saga of MIDI software over-pricing, and what should be done about it.


Sequential's 910 expansion software and some new product from Syntauri Corporation, amongst other things.

OMDAC Update

Some Spectrum software for our music control micro-peripheral project, published in E&MM June '83. Explanations by the project's designer, Jim Grant.

Passport MIDI/4 Software

Software and Interface

David Ellis casts a critical eye over Passport Designs' first foray into the wonderful world of MIDI.

The Fairlight Explained Part 2

Second instalment of Jim Grant's five-year mission into the unknown, or what goes on inside the world's most popular computer music tool.

Step-time Composition on the Model 64

Who needs SCI? Billy Cowie has come up with some simple software that enables the Model 64 Sequencer to be programmed in step-time.

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