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Sound On Sound - November 1985

The Shape Of Things To Come

A chance to do some crystal gazing at product developments in the music/recording/visual fields.

The Programming People

Greater reliance on hi-tech instruments in the studio means there's more demand for people able to programme them. Paul Gilby spoke first to Karin Clayton about her recently formed agency that supplies programmers for studio sessions, and then to Fairlight programmer Simon Lloyd about his work.


The Universal Answer?

Ian Gilby asks the question.

Casio SZ-1 Sequencer

The Next Logical Step

This 4 track MIDI sequencer is a step in the right direction for Casio but have the budget restrictions limited its appeal?

Yamaha REV-7 Digital Reverberator

Yet Another Milestone

Low cost digital reverb comes of age according to Producer Robin Lumley.

This article has no OCR bodytext.WIN Sequential's Sampler

Invest some time and a 17p stamp in this competition and you could find yourself with an amazing amount of Prophet!


A Soft Touch

Jay Chapman discovers why this 16 track MIDI sequencer package for the BBC B micro, described as the musical equivalent of the humble word processor, is receiving so much acclaim from studio users.

Midge Ure

A Man With A Gift | Midge Ure

In between tours with Ultravox and appearances on Live Aid, Midge Ure somehow found the time to discuss the writing and recording of his first ever solo LP 'The Gift' and his No1 single with Ian Gilby.

Thoughts Of A Marathon Songwriter

Paul Bliss

You don't know his name but you'll have heard his refrains. Composer Paul Bliss writes hits for the best of 'em using a UMI-2B sequencer package and several synthesizers. Ralph Denyer finds out how.

Alice In Switzerland

Two men, a girl and an electrical appliance meet under strange circumstances in the Swiss Alps. Ted Fletcher reports.

...I Nearly Joined The Foreign Legion! Part 1

Dave Meegan

Engineer Dave Meegan recalls how depression helped land him a plum position at Trevor Horn's Sarm West Studios. Chris Allison listened with great interest.


Bokse US-8 Universal Syncronizer

The Bokse US-8 Universal Syncronizer: Ian Gilby takes control.

Soundcraft Series 200B

Even though it had no serious competitor quality-wise, Soundcraft's original Series 200 mixer was somewhat lacking in the 'useful features' department. The newly-improved 200B puts all that to rights as Dave Lockwood discovers.

Clue Data

Beyond the razor-blade: HHB's innovative CLUE system provides an answer to the digital editing dilemma. Paul Gilby pieces together the story.

Time For SMPTE Part 1

Accepted as the synchronisation standard in the television and broadcast industry, this digital timecode is fast making inroads into the recording studio at all levels. Kendall Wrightson puts it all in perspective with the start of this series.

Mainframe: Five Minutes...

...on the making of their video | Mainframe

Always eager to expand their experiences. Mainframe duo Murray Munro and John Malloy talk to Ian Gilby about the processes involved in the shooting of the promo video that accompanied their recent Polydor single release.

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