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Sound On Sound - December 1987


What About Owner's Manuals?

The Shape of Things to Come

Direct from the Far East, we bring you news of Yamaha's first 'pro' sampler, Roland's 16-bit digital reverb, Akai's low-cost digital multitrack and more...

A Day in the Life of a MIDI Studio

Ever wondered what goes on in a commercial 16-track studio once the red light comes on? Roger Jackson of West Coast Music reveals all...

Sound Advice

Our regular column devoted to readers' hints and tips about their instruments, equipment, software, recording and playing techniques.

Great Audio Concepts Part 1

The first of a two-part explanation of essential audio facts you really should know if you want to convince people you know what you are talking about when it comes to sound and music! David Mellor is your guide.

Wind Synthesizers

Having explored the history and development of wind synthesizers in our September issue, record producer and wind player extraordinaire John L. Walters compares and contrasts the Akai EWI and Yamaha WX7. Are they the instruments that wind players have been longing for? Find out inside.

The Intelligent One

Studiomaster IDP1 Dynamics Processor

What is an 'Intelligent Dynamics Processor' and why have it MIDI controllable? David Mellor answers these and other probing questions as he explores the IDP1 from mixer manufacturer, Studiomaster.

How Analogue Synthesizers Work

They've been a mainstay of electronic music for over 20 years, they're less expensive than ever before, and they still make sounds the digital machines can't. Analogue synthesizers have been receiving some digital assistance of late, but at heart they're still analogue synthesizers - and if you want to make them perform magic, you need to speak their language. Craig Anderton is your interpreter...

Kawai K5

The Additive synthesizer

Once upon a time, 'additive synthesis' was an expensive and little used option on expensive computer music systems. Now, thanks to Kawai's latest keyboard, there is an instrument dedicated to this type of synthesis. Paul Wiffen, long-time advocate of creating your own waveforms, investigates.

MIDI Matters Part 4

Back To Basics

Back To Basics: Part 4. After a brief absence, Jay Chapman continues the series where he left off two months ago with a further explanation of how Real-Time commands are used by MIDI.

Sonus Masterpiece

Want to write a masterpiece? Who doesn't, but will this 32-track sequencer software package from Sonus for the Atari ST, be helpful in any way? David Mellor puts away his quill pen and manuscript paper and attempts a quick concerto...

Total Creative Control

Lexicon PCM70

Launched over two years ago, the PCM70 digital effects processor is still at the forefront of technology thanks to Lexicon's foresight in making it software updatable and MIDI controllable in every conceivable way. Mark Badger checks it out.

Practically MIDI Part 4

What is a MIDI Merger and why do you need one if you use a computer-based MIDI sequencer? Martin Russ helps BT's funding by receiving long telephone calls from frantic MIDIphiles.

African Music Part 3

Having recently released his own independent LP, 'Oh Africa', we asked Sound On Sound reader Kofi Busia to write about his experiences. In this the third and final part of his story, he reveals his discoveries about the record industry and explains why he set up his own record label.

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