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Sound On Sound - September 1988


Music Software At The PC Show

The Shape of Things to Come

More news of forthcoming new products to tempt you to dig deeper into your pockets.

XR300 SMPTE Synchroniser

XRI Systems

This low-cost unit from XRI brings the power of true timecode synchronisation to the masses. Paul Ireson checks it out.

Integrating MIDI & The Studio

MIDI has revolutionised the way we make and record music. But it has developed at such an incredible pace that it is easy to lose sight of MIDI's many benefits. In this lengthy article, Craig Anderton provides a lucid explanation of how you can make MIDI work for you - whether you have a small home studio set-up or a full-blown professional system.

The Production Centre

Roland D20 LA synthesizer

With its 8-track sequencer, rhythm composer, digital reverb and built-in disk drive, Roland's latest multitimbral LA synthesizer would be better described as a budget 'music workstation'. Paul Ireson reveals why ...

C-Lab Notator

By combining their 64-track 'Creator' MIDI sequencer with a set of powerful new features and a scorewriter, C-Lab have produced arguably the most sophisticated music notation package to date for the Atari ST. Ian Waugh supplies the notes...

The Silencer

Dbx 563X

The latest addition to the dbx range of half-rack studio processors is the 563X Silencer, a handy device for removing 'hiss' from recordings or even digital samples. Gareth Stuart puts it to the test.

Spectrum Synthesis

On the Emax Hard Disk Sampler

Unlike some samplers, Emax has stayed the course since its introduction over 18 months ago and has developed into a mature, well groomed specimen. Having released a Hard Disk version of the machine almost a year ago, Emu Systems have recently given Emax yet another lease of life with their Spectrum Synthesis upgrade, which turns the sampler into a powerful additive synthesizer. David Hughes tries it out

How To Recreate A Jam & Lewis Production

'When I Think Of You' by Janet Jackson

One good means of learning your way around the equipment you own is to use it to recreate somebody else's music. That's exactly what Mike Collins did last year whilst working at Yamaha's Research & Development Studio in London. Using nothing but Yamaha gear, he set about reproducing a Janet Jackson hit in full, by himself. Here, he recalls what was involved.

Making Tracks

Passport Master Tracks Junior

Budget tight? Don't despair. This entry-level 64-track sequencing program from Passport has all the features you will need to start making your own music. Chris Kempster takes it for a spin.

UMI-4M MIDI Composition System

Are 8 bits still viable? Martin Russ temporarily abandons his Atari ST for a look at the latest version of this music sequencer package for the BBC micro.

Steinberg Software Page

Another instalment of our column devoted entirely to Steinberg software, written and compiled exclusively for SOS by Steinberg's experts.

Dr.T's Software Page

More useful hints and tips for Dr.T's music programs, written and compiled exclusively for SOS by Dr.T themselves.

Oberheim Matrix 1000

Looking for 'new' sounds? Martin Russ explores Oberheim's new Matrix 1000 analogue synth expander and discovers that digital isn't always best.

Practically FM Part 5

Part 5 of our series for FM synth owners, in which Martin Russ gives away even more secrets of FM programming. Operators at the ready!


The Recording of a Film Soundtrack Music

Ed Jones sits in on a major film music session in Abbey Road Studios, London, and reports on how the London Symphony Orchestra and a host of extra musicians recorded the music soundtrack to George Lucas' forthcoming prequel to 'Star Wars' - 'Willow'.

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