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Sound On Sound - August 1989


It's Showtime Folks!

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More hi-tech news, views and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Read all about the Emu Systems Proteus, the new Alesis MIDI Disk recorder, Yamaha MT3X multitracker, and lots more!

Steinberg Cubase

The new heir to the ST sequencer throne?

After a change of name and a long wait, Steinberg's successor to Pro24 is finally here. Has it been worth the wait? David Hughes thinks so...

MTR 16-8-2 Mixer

With 32 inputs available in remix mode, MTR reckon their 16-8-2 mixer has got what it takes to woo customers away from the ever-popular Seck 1882. But is its in-line design as easy to use? Gareth Stuart reports.

Inside the Synclavier Part 3

PART 3: What is it like to sit down at the Synclavier - the world's most expensive instrument - and create a piece of music? David Mellor finds out and tells the whole story.

Casio FZ20M Sampler

Casio have added a SCSI interface to their FZ10M, made the hard disk optional, and called it the FZ20M. Paul Ireson investigates this born-again sampler.

Anatek Pocket MIDI Accessories

Craig Anderton checks out this new trio of pocket-sized MIDI accessories.

Keyboards with Bros

Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson utilises the power of MIDI to provide the instrumental foundation for Bros' music, both on stage and in the studio. Julian Colbeck takes notes...

RealTime Intelligent Sequencer

Offering 256 tracks, direct screen manipulation of events, and the facility to alter any type of data whilst your sequence keeps playing, RealTime looks set to make a big name for itself very quickly. Martin Russ took a real shine to it - will you?

U Got The Look

Roland U20 Keyboard

Is the U20 just a revamped U110 with a keyboard or does it have what it takes to de-throne the Korg M1? Paul Ireson finds out.

Digidesign Sound Tools

With a Macintosh computer and Digidesign's new CD-quality digital audio system, you can cut, splice, and create extended remixes to your heart's content. Paul D. Lehrman discovers what it is like to go tapeless in the studio.

A Programmer's Guide to the Roland D110 Part 2

PART 2: Greg Truckell winds up his two-part power user's guide to this popular LA expander with some applications techniques.

The Strongroom

In the dog-eat-dog world of professional recording studios, the Strongroom has proved that you don't necessarily need an SSL mixing desk to stay in business! Paul Calderon pays a visit to this thriving centre of creativity.

Revox C278

For A Few Dollars More...

What price a reputation? The Revox brand name is well established and very well respected, but the new model C278 8-track costs a lot more than the Fostex and Tascam equivalents. David Mellor asks whether it is worth the extra.

Orchestral Manoeuvres

Mozart Meets C-Lab Notator

Proving that hi-tech tools are not the sole preserve of pop musicians, Richard Gonski, Music Director of the Electric Symphony Orchestra, tells how he and Francis Monkman took Mozart's Piano Concerto In C Minor, K.491, and sequenced the whole work using C-Lab's Notator.

David Richards

Royal Engineer | David Richards, Queen

Mark Jenkins meets David Richards, the sound engineer behind Queen's latest album 'The Miracle'.

What The Heck's Hex?

Proving that too much hex isn't bad for the health, Martin Russ explores the numeric world of 16.

How to Set Up a Home Studio Part 9

Bits & Pieces

PART 9: It is easy to list all the glamorous' items required for a home studio - synths, sampler, mixing console, tape machines, etc - but the small things are important too. In this final part of the series, David Mellor gathers together all those essential bits and pieces.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 5

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 5: Martin Russ delves into the reasons why MIDI Controller messages are able to do what they can do and provides some practical examples.

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A Composer For Our Time

Terry Riley

Mark J. Prendergast interviews California-born musician Terry Riley, the influential inventor of 'minimalist' music.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

The Music Network

SOS On-Line

Sounding Off


Martin Russ worries about software pollution and wonders if we can look forward to 'green' software.

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