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Sound On Sound - April 1990


East Meets West

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More news, views and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Your chance to catch up on the latest releases from the world of hi-tech music and recording.

Roland R8M

Total Percussion Sound Module

Sequencer owners rejoice! Roland have taken the 16-bit PCM sounds from their popular R8 drum machine, put them in a convenient rackmount case, and added extra slots for ROM and RAM cards to produce a beat-box par excellence. David Brenton reports.

Armadillo A616 Sampler

The Acorn Archimedes has not yet proved to be a popular computer amongst musicians, mainly because of the lack of useful software. Paul Ireson takes a look at a significant development in the world of Archimedes music: the Armadillo A616 stereo 16-bit sampler.

Sampling Natural Sounds

As a humble home studio hopeful who has never pointed a mic in earnest at anything outdoors before, James Walters goes in search of the basic equipment.

Fostex 812 Recording & 2016 Line Mixers

Best known for their tape recorders and cassette-based multitrackers, this new generation of mixers from Fostex look like they will make more than a few converts. Dave Lockwood checks them out.

The Sensual World of Kate Bush

Del Palmer, Kate Bush

Recording engineer Del Palmer has worked with Kate Bush for almost 13 years. Here he provides an insight into how this innovative lady works in the studio and the background to the recording of her hugely successful album, 'The Sensual World'.

Programmable Audio Patchbays

Peavey MAP8X4, Icon Research APB1

Ian Gilby takes a look at two different approaches to the design of a MIDI-controlled audio patchbay: the Peavey MAP8X4 and Icon Research APB1.

The Pursuit Of An Obsession

Ever wanted to release your own album? Here's the story of one determined SOS reader, Bob Geal, who did just that.

Projects UK

Local community arts centres often house some sort of sound studio, and these can be the only way interested members of the public gain first-hand experience of recording and hi-tech equipment. David Hughes reports on one such North-East based facility.

The Future of Keyboard Technology

A Round-Table Discussion With Major Japanese Instrument Manufacturers

The idea of putting a group of rival Japanese manufacturers together in a room to openly discuss their future directions may seem more akin to an explosive science experiment than a realistic idea. Gregory D. Moore reports on the outcome.

Recording Techniques Part 5

Mixing Console (1)

Part 5: The mixing console is the largest, most complicated, and probably the most expensive item in the recording studio. In this first installment, David Mellor begins his journey through its component parts.

The Route To The Top

XRI Systems XR400 MIDI Mate

Is your MIDI system just an accident waiting to happen? Here's an easy way of bringing order to your present tangled mess of MIDI connections. Martin Russ checks out XRI Systems' clever XR400 MIDI Mate.

DAR Soundstation II

Digital Audio Recorder

David Mellor explores the higher echelons of audio technology and finds a machine which is destined to become a classic of its time: Soundstation II from Digital Audio Research.

New Sounds

The Virgin Guide To New Music

This article has no OCR bodytext.Dr.T's Music Software Competition

If you’re an Atari ST or Amiga owner, here’s your chance to win a whole bundle of exciting music programs from Dr.T!

A Beginner's Guide to Korg's AI Synthesis

Phil South examines the ins and outs of programming various aspects of AI synthesis, as used in Korg's 'M' and 'T' ranges of synthesizers.

Doctor Jurgenbuster's Casebook

How To Obtain Extra Drum Sounds For Free!

Bored with the sounds your drum machine makes? Martin Russ provides a bunch of tips to help you perk up your percussion.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Manual Madness!

Manual madness! Roger Jackson proposes improvements to the currently poor state of some manufacturers' equipment manuals.

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