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Sound On Sound - October 1992


Right Royalty Rip-Off

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another round-up of new products, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

Four Play

Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor

It's flexible, it's powerful, and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Paul White finds out whether Ensoniq's first foray into the world of stand-alone effects delivers enough bang for the buck. Additional research by Derek Johnson.

Passport Master Tracks Pro 4

Sequencer For Windows

Passport's proven Master Tracks Pro sequencer now runs under Windows on the PC. Brian Heywood puts the latest version through its paces.

Art Of The State

808 State

Instrumental music doesn't sell, the UK dance scene is totally bereft of life, and dance bands never produce decent albums. Wrong, wrong, wrong — and 808 State are back with proof. Nigel Humberstone talked to Manchester's finest during the recording of Gorgeous, their third album.

Hands On: Cassette Multitracks

The multitrack cassette recorder provides an excellent platform for learning the essential skills of multitrack recording. David Mellor explains how to get the best out of them.

Cubase MIDI Mixer Part 1

Programming Clinic

Few Cubase users take full advantage of its powerful MIDI Mixer module — daunted by its apparent complexity, they pass up the chance to exploit a powerful and flexible MIDI control tool. Ofir Gal presents a practical 2-part guide to customising and using the MIDI Mixer.

Yamaha SY85

AWM2 Workstation

Yamaha's new SY85 eschews FM technology and instead concentrates entirely on powerful sample-based synthesis. Derek Johnson finds that user sampling, powerful filters, and 'easy edit' sliders are just a few of the tricks that make this far more than just another sample-based workstation.

Drum Programming Part 6

A Series By Warren Cann.

This month, we go ever deeper into the mind of that unfathomable entity, the drummer...

The Synth Is Dead: Long Live The Synth

With the predominance of the workstation synth, and the rise and rise of essentially preset instruments, what has become of the 'traditional' synthesizer? Paul Hazel turns the spotlight on Roland's JD800 and Korg's Wavestation, two recent instruments which answer the question — but in very different ways.

ST Notes

More Atari news and tips from Martin Russ.

Mac Notes

Kendall Wrightson on new hardware from Apple.

PC Notes

Brian Heywood looks at a UK-designed PC-based hard disk recorder.

Amiga Notes

Paul Austin reports on a low-cost direct-to-disk recording board for the Amiga.

Philips DCC900

Digital Compact Cassette Recorder

Philips hope that their new cassette-based DCC format will succeed where DAT failed — becoming the new consumer digital recording medium. Derek Johnson evaluates the world's first first DCC recorder.

Band In A Box V5

Accompaniment Software

This popular auto-accompaniment program is gaining in features and sophistication with every upgrade. Martin Russ plays with himself...

This article has no OCR bodytext.SOS On-line

Your letters, tips, and comments.

Sample Shop

Wilf Smarties takes another new sample CD for a spin.

Software Support

This month, helpful hints for users of Steinberg and Dr. T's software.


Even the most advanced of today's hi-tech instruments contain mechanical components that are prone to failure. The trick is to ensure that they just outlast the product to which they're fitted...

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