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Electronics & Music Maker - August 1984


A Concerted Effort

This article has no OCR bodytext.Interface

Technics SXK250

PCM Personal Keyboard

Far-Eastern giants Matsushita have now transferred their PCM-encoded instrument voices from console organs to personal keyboards. Nigel Gomme analyses how elegantly the transition has been accomplished.

The Mini Doc

The Doctor Click is one of the synthesiser world's most comprehensive universal interface units, but its price puts it beyond the reach of most musicians. Ian Gilby examines a new, cheaper alternative from the same manufacturer.

Electro Harmonix Instant Replay and Super Replay

Sound sampling at an affordable price level has been a sought-after commodity in the music world for some time. Paul White takes a look at two American sampling devices that come cheaper than most.

Custom Sound 727 Keyboard Combo

A British-built keyboard combo to compete with the world's best comes under Paul White's enquiring gaze.

Synclavier: A New Appraisal

Paul White and Geoff Twigg delve deep into the mysteries of one of the world's most expensive keyboard instruments, and uncover some fascinating developments.

The Fairlight Explained Part 1

In the first part of a major new series, Jim Grant attempts the impossible by trying to explain the workings of the Fairlight CMI in terms that mere mortal musicians can understand. In-depth simply isn't the word...

Article Group:


Introducing a seven-page roundup of some of the latest electronic pianos to hit the UK. Models reviewed include Yamaha's FM PF series, the Siel Piano Quattro and Roland's MIDI Home Piano system.

Behind Visage

An interview with Rusty Egan | Rusty Egan

Dan Goldstein tracks down another drummer-turned-musical technofreak, Rusty Egan, and finds out about the past, present, and the future of the electro-dance band he helped found, Visage.

Head Over Heels

with The Cocteau Twins | Cocteau Twins

Few of today's bands can confidently claim to have a sound that is unique, but Scotland's Cocteau Twins are one such outfit, and Dan Goldstein has been talking to them about how that sound is achieved.


Hans Joachim Roedelius

Seminal German avant garde composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius was in London recently to promote a new solo album, 'Gift of the Moment'. Dan Goldstein was granted a brief audience.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win Korg's New MIDI Modules

Part one of a two-part competition that gives you the chance to win a brand new MIDI keyboard system worth over £1000. Entry is free and part two will appear next month.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Understanding the DX7 Part 5

Jay Chapman continues his search through the workings of Yamaha FM synthesis. This month, how to modify DX factory preset sounds.

Stagefright Part 2

Ian Boddy concludes his look at how to take electronic music on the road by examining his own live set-up and how it's put to use in a concert situation.

BeeBMIDI Part 3

Software listings that enable owners of our BBC Micro MIDI interface board to view the internal workings of the Yamaha DX7 on screen, with a cassette available from E&MM for the finger-sore.

Modular Synthesis Part 8

Using Sequencers with Modular Systems

In something of a break from tradition, Steve Howell begins a look at how using a modular synth can expand the horizons of the common or garden monophonic sequencer.


Readers' favourite synth sounds and the means to reproduce them. Instruments featured this month include the Roland JX3P and Korg Poly 800.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


Possible answers to the question, 'which is the best micro for music?'


News on the forthcoming invasion of MSX home computers, the International MIDI Association, the Decillionix system and the Kurzweil digital keyboard.

Electromusic Research MIDI Software and Hardware

for the BBC Micro

The first commercially-developed MIDI software for the BBC Micro is now being manufactured by Electromusic Research. David Ellis analyses its potential.

The Syndrom Part 3

Fun and Frolics

Part three, and the introduction of a double-triggering circuit that enables more than one sample to be triggered without the user having to buy multiple EPROMs.

The Miniblo

Designer Paul Williams discusses the construction of a simple breath controller for just about any electric or electronic instrument.

The SynthMix Part 1

Preliminary Details

Part one of a major article on the construction of E&MM's own six-channel keyboard mixer. Step-by-step design guide by Paul White.

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