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Electronics & Music Maker - November 1984

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A selection of opinions and queries from the E&MM postbag.


The Best of British

Britain's booming hi-tech music industry.


Upcoming electronic music products and events.

Chroma Polaris

Programmable Polysynth with Sequencer

CBS-Fender's 'budget' polysynth retails at £1700. Mick Jones finds out if it can hold its head above the competition.

Emulator II

Eight-voice Polyphonic Sampling Keyboard

Paul Wiffen goes gaga over E-mu Systems' latest attempt at giving the average keyboard player complete control over the sound sampling process.

Chase Bit One

Programmable Polysynth

Glance at the spec and you'd never know this new Italian-built and MIDI-equipped polysynth only cost £699. Paul White has the details.

Hotlicks Tapes

Instruction Tapes for Piano and Synthesiser

Are instruction tapes an expensive gimmick or a vital aid to achieving a better playing technique? Jay Chapman has been giving them a listen and reports his findings.

Casio CT6000

Electronic Keyboard

At long last, Casio have come up with a keyboard acceptable to both the pro and domestic fraternities. Paul White checks it out.

Action Replay

Sound Sampler for Sinclair Spectrum

If you've got access to a Spectrum, sound sampling can be yours for under £200. Mike Drane reports on a revolutionary British development.

Yamaha D1500

MIDI Digital Delay

Somehow, it had to be Yamaha who'd be first to put MIDI on a digital delay. The possibilities are endless, claims Paul White.

Man and Machine

Patrick Mimran

Axxess mainman Patrick Mimran and one of the most remarkable custom-designed synthesisers ever built. Report by Dan Goldstein.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Cassette
Music Review

Chris Heath and another batch of E&MM readers' demo tapes: perhaps we should re-title it 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Latest releases by electronic stalwarts Heaven 17 and Depeche Mode - plus others by less well-known bands - come under the Editor's scrutiny.

'Been Alone So Long'

Peter Hammill

Loner Peter Hammill has just remixed an album of love songs using the latest instruments technology can provide. Chris Heath reports.

Life is a Cabaret

Cabaret Voltaire

Away from the fickleness of the pop music world, Cabaret Voltaire have been quietly breaking the barriers of underground electronic music. Interview by Dan Goldstein.

On Stage
Music Review

A special report on the proceedings at this year's UK Electronica festival. Words by Tony Mills; pictures by Alf Annison, Stuart Catterson, Tony Mills and Chris Jenkins.

Powertran MCS1 Part 2

The Circuit

The four circuit diagrams that lie at the heart of our MIDI Controlled Sampler project, with a full description to follow next month.

Modular Synthesis Part 11

Click-tracks Continued

More on click-tracks and how to use them, by E&MM's resident literary module, Steve Howell.

Short Circuit

Fancy a theremin? Paul Balfour's simple circuit should do the trick.

Patchwork Downloads

Multicolour patches for the Korg Poly 800, Roland Jupiter 8, APR Quadra and Yamaha CS5, though doubtless they can also be adapted for other synths.

Everything but the Kitchen... Part 1

Having problems connecting instruments together? Our new series on syncing should solve your problems. This month, John Harris looks at syncing gear to tape.

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Computer Musician


Frankie says Extract Your Digits. But should we?


What happened when the International MIDI Association talked software, plus more. Newscaster - David Ellis.

The Programmable Digital Sound Generator Part 5

Part 5: Sound Systems Revisited

Our series on Clef Products' synth add-on for the BBC Micro comes to a conclusion. Alan Boothman ties up the loose ends.

Amstrad CPC464 Home Computer

By a happy accident, Amstrad's first-ever home computer could become the MIDI micro of the future. David Ellis tells us why.

BeeBMIDI Part 4

Building E&MM's MIDI interface for the Beeb? Jay Chapman's got some further information you should know.

The Fairlight Explained Part 4

Jim Grant gives an outline of how the Fairlight CMI copes with performance effects.

Electronic Drum Sequencer

Software for BBC Micro

New software for the BBC B and E&MM's analogue and digital percussion modules: it can be used with or without the OMDAC project. Designer Dave Burden describes the system.

Step-time Sequencing

for Wasp Synthesiser and Commodore 64

Jethro Hill and some software that allows EDP's Wasp synthesiser to be sequenced from a Commodore 64: amazingly, no additional hardware is required to interface the two...

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