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Electronics & Music Maker - August 1985


Plus ça Change

Editorial writes and wrongs.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

More pages, more stories, more details. We put the spotlight on some new DX7 ROMs, a MIDI sequencer package for the Apple Macintosh, and the belated commercial appearance of the 4X digital processor — plus a good bit more besides.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

Readers' letters by any other name, with FM synthesis, E&MM's record reviews and the anti-sampling lobby all coming under fire.

For the Record
Show Report

By way of introduction to better coverage of recording studios and the technology within them, we look at the current state of the recording art and report from London's recent APRS studio show.

21 Today

Yamaha's DX21 polysynth offers FM sound quality at a low, low price, plus a few features even the DX7 doesn't have. Simon Trask investigates.

Sampling on the Cheap

A new British company, Logitech, have just announced the world's cheapest pitch-tracking sampler. If you've a CV synth you'll be quids in — or will you? Paul White reports.

Double Dutch

Paul Tingen takes a look behind the scenes with Mai Tai production duo Eric van Tijn and Jochum Fluitsma — and finds out about songwriting, recording and home-made samplers.

Way Down Yonder...
Show Report New Orleans, Paul Wiffen takes time out to visit the NAMM show, and returns bearing news of the Series III Fairlight, the Emulator SP12 and the OSC Advanced Sound Generator, and more.

Le Sequenceur Polyphonique

The French answer to the MSQ100? A polyphonic sequencer with comprehensive interfacing facilities, and a few tricks up its sleeve gets the treatment from 'le docteur' Simon Trask.

Sting in a Tale


Arrested whilst gigging with a bunch of jazz musicians in Paris, Sting talks to Paul Tingen about his new album, the inadequacies of high technology, and the future of The Police.

African Rhythms

Stewart Copeland

Meanwhile, Tim Goodyer finds The Rhythmatist, alias Police drummer Stewart Copeland, resting in his home studio after an African jaunt from which a single, an album and a video have resulted. All three come under discussion.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Out-Takes
Music Review

Another dose of E&MM's newly-contentious LP and singles reviews, in company with demo tapes from readers not yet lucky enough to have a record deal. Tim Goodyer is the man at the helm.

Uncle Bob's Baby
Retrospective (Gear)

The Minimoog in 1985

By rights, the last of the Minimoogs should have been forced into retirement long ago — yet the ancient monosynth continues to see use. Tim Goodyer, long-time Moogfan and owner, takes a retrospective look at the worlds first practical synthesiser.


The buyer's guide with a difference, with listings, prices, specifications, and comments from E&MM's reviewing team. Polysynths, expanders and controlling keyboards are this month's subject.

The Shortest Route

As MIDI's failings become all too apparent to thousands of musicians, Roland take the bull by the horns and come up with four processing units to make life easier. Simon Trask gives them a trial run.

Alive and Kicking

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive's Tim Lever surrounds himself with new technology as the band prepare for world domination. Tim Goodyer gets the word on writing, recording and performing.

Graphically Yours

It's now some 18 months since the company first produced MIDI software for home micros, and now SIEL have come up with two of their most attractive packages yet. Trish McGrath has the details.

Power Down Below

Will foot-controlled music become popular now that Micro Musical have introduced a set of MIDI bass pedals for under £200? Malcolm Harrison has the answer.

Latin Lessons

In the wake of the successful TR707, Roland have produced a well-nigh identical machine, loaded with percussive gems of a less predictable nature. Dan Goldstein puts the TR727 through its paces, shortly before emigrating to South America.

Sight Reading

Dan Goldstein and Simon Trask take a break from reading their own work and examine a selection of new books aimed at helping you get more out of music technology.

Simmons' 9th

The people who invented the electronic drum introduce MIDI — and a decidedly acoustic sound - with the advent of a new kit, the SDS9. Nigel Lord gives his verdict.

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