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Electronics & Music Maker - January 1986


Bargain Basement Buys

The downward price spiral and what it means to the musician.

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Read all about it. From Yamaha’s £180 sampling keyboard to the latest American reverbs, from Korg’s ’86 catalogue to a break-in at E&MM. If it’s news, it’s here.

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Make new penfriends through the pages of the magazine. Write to us about sampling, vocoders, megalomania, and the sorry state of contemporary music.

Ask Thompson

Thompson Twins

Dan Goldstein talks to chief Twin Tom Bailey about the virtues of playing pop and the dangers of relying too much on technology. But there’s more to this man than meets the eye.

Alphabet Soup

Roland Alpha Juno 1

Roland’s latest analogue poly offers no earth-shattering innovations, but is still a welcome addition to the synth market’s ever-expanding lower end. Or so says Simon Trask, anyway.

Five for Eighty-five

A nostalgic look back at 1985 by the people who bring E&MM to you each month. Was it really that bad?

Is Small Beautiful?

Rebis Sampler

The world’s best-known builder of modular studio effects has just introduced its entry in the sampling steeplechase. But will it fall at the first hurdle? Paul White has the answer.

Six To A Dozen

Oberheim Matrix 6

A six-voice version Matrix 12 for £1700? Yes, it’s true. Oberheim’s polysynth for the masses gets a rapturous welcome from a penniless Simon Trask.


Steve Cunningham

One of America’s leading session players takes a breather between TOA equipment demonstrations, and takes Tim Goodyer into his confidence over MIDI and a few of the behind-the-scenes goings-on in its administration.

Article Group:
Hard Facts, Soft Options

Amiga Preview

Chris Jenkins and Simon Trask examine the musical implications of Commodore’s 16-bit monster computer. Will it be simply a haven for the gamesters and the accountants, or will it find a place on the shelves of music shops?

Atari ST Front End

Simon Trask takes a look into the land of windows, icons, pull-down menus and trash cans, and reports that behind the jargon lies the computer world’s most accessible graphics system.

Article Group:
Sampling Stories

Ensoniq Mirage Update

Annabel Scott takes a look at what a reduction in price and an increase in facilities has done for the first budget sampling keyboard...

Akai S612 Update

...while Tim Goodyer checks out the production version of Akai’s contender and cocks an ear in the direction of some factory sound disks.

Electronic Percussion checklist

This month, E&MM’s unique equipment round-up turns its attention to the rhythmic world of drum machines and electronic drum kits.

Café Society

Penguin Cafe Orchestra | Simon Jeffes

Obscure orchestra leader, Simon Jeffes intrigues Paul Tingen with stories of self-discovery in Japan, and finding music in one note.

JMS Scorewriter

A new software package for the Commodore 64 that puts step-time sequencing, recording and scorewriting in an elegant perspex box. Ian Waugh finds it transparently appealing.

This article has no OCR bodytext.OutTakes
Music Review

Tim Goodyer, Dan Goldstein and Simon Trask compare notes on current musical goings-on. LP and single releases, readers’ demos, live gigs and videos get what’s coming to them.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Quiz of the Decade

Three chances to win a slice of a £1400 musical instrument cake, in our biggest, easiest-to-enter competition ever. Just the thing to wile away the hours of post-Christmas apathy.

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