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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - May 1985

On Tape

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News, views and chart.

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Letters to the ES&CM editorial team.

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Music Review

Readers' demos reviewed in print and a selection on tape.

The Beating Heart

Linn 9000

Linn's new 9000 combines drum machine and MIDI recorder-making it the heart of your set up.

Xpert System

Yamaha QX7 sequencer / TX7 expander

The latest additions to Yamaha's 'X' range - the QX7 keyboard recorder and TX7 expander look to be some of the most interesting yet.

The Great Pretender?

Casio CK-500

A four-track find or fraud? We pass judgement.


Pearl DRX-1 Electronic Drums

Pearl's late entry into the electronic drum kit stakes looks like a winner - eight kits can be programmed into its memory.

One For The 7 Downloads

DX7 Patch

The ES&CM Voice patch for the DX7.

Complete Control

JMS Software

JMS continue their commitment to pro software with two new packages - a Six-Trak Editor and Sequence Chain programs.

DK Line

Siel DK80

Siel's new synth - one of the attention grabbers at this year's Frankfurt show.

The Getting Of Wisdom

Marc Almond/Mike Hedges | Mike Hedges, Marc Almond

Collectively 'The Voice Squad'. Hedges reveals how he produces a man whose voice and ideas did so much to change the direction of popular electronic music.

Pedal Power

Vesta Fire Effects

Unusual names but all used to a good effect. We report on this newest range.

Taking Stock

An exclusive interview with the innovator of electronic music and mentor of today's stars, Karlheinz Stockhausen.


Sequential Multi-Trak

A six voice poly with a built in six track digital recorder and at £1,500 it's already creating enormous interest. We report on the Six-Trak's big brother.

Burgeoning Burgess

Producer, performer, catalyst. Richard Burgess has been a musical traveller most of his life - we finally catch up with him.

Floppy Futures

Compusonics digital home recording system should be with us by the end of the year. This is a first report on a system that could be the death knell of the portastudio.

A.I. Sampler

How to make your own Spectrum sampler for less than £20. The software comes on the tape.

Diary Of A Madman

An excursion into the depths of dub with reggae master and sound manipulator The Mad Professor.

The System

Spotlighting Katrina Bihari.

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Music Review

Electronic album overview.

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