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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music

Editor Notes

"We were too eclectic..."Former Editor, ES

In Retrospect...
by Joe Hosken (former ES Editor)

The 'free' tape on Electronic Soundmaker Number One was created in the front room of a guy called Chris Everard, mostly with borrowed kit. Everything was all very 'seat of the pants'. No one really knew what we were doing!

From there we moved to Ardingly in Sussex where Curtis Schwartz provided the studio and expertise to produce 60 minutes of music, reviews, samples and demos on a monthly basis. He still runs a successful business from the same location.

Editing ES&CM was hard work but fun. Technology was quickly changing how music was produced - our job was to try and interpret that and find a common link between the various electronic 'genres' from experimental and the avant garde to mainstream pop. I had two assistants - Sean Rothman and Tony Reed. Both knew more than me about the 'technology' and musicianship but I felt we complemented one another.

In retrospect we were too eclectic. Getting WH Smiths to stock a magazine with a tape attached was difficult too. Our sister magazines were initially International Musician and Home Organist, then latterly a load of adult mags so the writing was on the wall...

Joe Hosken






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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


Magazine Info

About Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music

Electronic Soundmaker was a magazine created by Cover Publications (the publisher of International Musician) to directly compete with E&MM. Similar in style, and aimed at the new wave of electronic music, synths and drum machines, rather than the more conventional rock-oriented IM&RW, it ran for a couple of years before finally being rolled into IM&RW.

It was also notable for including an audio cassette with each of the later issues, featuring audio demos and reader's recordings.


Paul Coster, Joe Hosken


Richard Desmond


Cover Publishing Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


25 (1983 - 1985)

First issue:

Sep 1983


Format changes: Oct 84 (Logo change, free cassette)


Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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