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Home & Studio Recording - May 1985


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What's New

A brief look at the new bits and pieces that make life interesting.

Cutec FX500 Flanger/Delay

Rack Mounting Versatility from Cutec

This article has no OCR bodytext.TDK Jingle Writing Competition

Another chance to enter this competition where all you have to do is compose a 60 second radio jingle for TDK tapes and you could hear your masterpiece broadcast on radio, become the proud owner of a complete Yamaha MT44 Home Studio System worth £1000 or some Shure PE microphones and loads of TDK cassettes! Full details on entry form on pages 14/15.

Making the Most of... Part 1

The first part of a new series on recording and signal processing. This month we look at a few simple ways of making a vocal part sound more interesting.

Soundproof Window Shutter

Keep the world at bay with this simple but effective DIY design.

Hot Rodding an MM Mixer

Give your old MM desk a new lease of life as a recording mixer with a few simple mods.

Teac A-3440

4 Channel Multitrack Tape Deck

Now it can be told. Martin Sheehan tells reporters of his secret life with a Teac A3440.

You Can Make It If You Try Part 1

Dave Simpson relates the saga of how his recording dreams became a reality. The Thatched Cottage sixteen track studio must be every home recordist's idea of a success story.

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Music Review

More comment and constructive analysis of your recording. Everybody seems to be going 16 track but the transition is not without its problems.

Return to Zero Part 4

Noise Problems

Just when you thought noise was a thing of the past... Gremlins are back - in a studio near you.

Modulation Oscillator Part 6

Designed to be used in conjunction with last month's multi-Delay project, this module helps to create chorus and flanging effects.

Ohm Studio Recordist

Nev Barker explains the workings of his private studio and why the name met with so much resistance.

Getting Excited

An explanation of psychoacoustic signal enhancers and their possible applications.

Andy Munro

Studio Designer | Andy Munro

Top studio designer talks to Janet Angus.

Interfacing the Line Part 3

Ben Duncan continues the saga.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Equipment Guide

A selective listing of what's available for the home recordist.

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