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Home & Studio Recording - August 1985


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More of your questions answered and your views aired.

What's New

Just a few of the choice items that will be competing for your money in the near future.

Alesis XT Digital Reverb

For even less than the price of a semi in Rotherham, you too can experience high quality digital reverb in the privacy of your own home.

Boss Micro Rack Series

For people with very narrow studios, Boss have introduced a very narrow effects rack... Martin Sheehan investigates.

Centre of Attraction
Show Report

APRS Review

Now that our feet have finally recovered from walking round the show, we can tell you what impressed us most (after the free drinks and sweatshirts).

Making the Most of... Part 4

The omnipresent Steve Howell passes on a few tricks of the trade. This month he examines ways in which you can transform a dry, lifeless synth sound into something soft and manageable.

Analysing the Spectrum

Audiosource RTA1 Spectrum Analyser

Dave Simpson takes a break from counting his savings to tell you what he's spending it all on.

Take the Money

Paul White takes a look at what's involved when you start taking on paying customers in your studio.

The Record Smith

Muff Murfin

Muff Murfin talks to Paul White about his career to date and proffers some useful advice for people trying to break into the jingle market. He also explains why with studios in the Midlands, London and Ibiza, he needs to expand.

It's all done by Planning Part 2

Once again our Cardiff correspondent gives us the benefit of his experience by describing how he put together an efficient and cost effective home studio for the recording of electronic music.

Steve Brown - Producer

Steve Brown

Not a household name perhaps, but this man is behind quite a lot of musical projects that you will no doubt recognise - as Janet Angus explains.

Return to Zero Part 7

The intrepid Dave Simpson looks back over the basic types of microphone in common usage and touches briefly on the principles behind their operation. As he gets paid by the word, he's already planning to write a sequel.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Readers' Tapes
Music Review

Once again John Harris and Shirley Gray of Ti-Na-Na take time out from the studio to constructively comment on what you've been putting down on cassette.

Ibanez DUE400 Digital Multi-Effects

John Harris subjects this Japanese rack to the English inquisition.

Studiomaster MOSFET 1000

Ben Duncan gives this power amplifier a thorough going over before telling you that he quite likes it.

Studio Mains Supplies Part 3

Ben Duncan continues his epic voyage into the world of less than perfect mains supplies.

Psychoacoustic Enhancer Part 9

This exciting project from Paul Williams is capable of making even the most dull recordings come to life - it's a pity it can't do anything about duff songwriting though.

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