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Home & Studio Recording - June 1986


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Fast Forward

News and new products.

Yamaha MT1X

Multitrack Cassette Recorder

Affordable cassette multitrack with a few unexpectedly sophisticated features.

Vesta Kozo MDI-1

MIDI to CV Interface

MIDI to CV conversion made simple.

Putting the Record Straight

Chris Denning, former Radio 1 DJ, tells you how to go about presenting a demo to record companies and what pitfalls to avoid.

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Music Review

More demo tapes reviewed this month than ever before.

Making the Most of... Part 14

Your Paul Hardcastle Aspirations!

Steve Howell takes up his razor blade once again and explains the basis for extended remixes.

The Five of Jacks

Ben Duncan guides us through the mystic world of jack plugs and tells us why not to take them for granted.

Boss SBX-10

This little brother to the SBX-80 overcomes a host of syncing problems.

Down the Tube

John Harris and Shirley Gray take a look behind the scenes to find out how the tube is recorded and how much planning is necessary to produce the apparent unrehearsed chaos that we all know and love.

The Time Machine

Time Machine Rack Series

Three signal processors that are available either in kit form or ready built.

Out of the Blue

Blue Weaver

Blue Weaver, former Bee-Gee and session musician takes Janet Angus round his new studio.

MTR DNG-1 Dual Gate

MTR have designed their own pro noise gate and it turns in a very convincing performance.

Fader-Panner Project

Paul Williams outlines the design for a high quality module that can be used as either a autopanner or an autofader.

Yamaha RM602 Mixer

Brother to the MT44D multitrack recorder, this little mixer has stood the test of time.

APRS 1986
Show Report

A Preview

A guide to some of the new gear to be released at this year's APRS show.

At Home in the Studio

Castleridge Studios

H&SR takes a look at its first Australian studio. The locals couldn't give a Castleridgexxx for anything else.

Soundtracs T Series

16:4:2 Mixing Console

TOA 280-ME

Reference Monitor

A very impressive pair of studio monitors at the budget end of the market.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Aphex competition Results

At last we can tell you who has won the nice shiny new Aphex Type C

Tascam PE-40

A flexible 4-channel parametric equaliser.

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A flick through the back issues.

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