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Editor Notes

"I don’t think he wanted it..."Former Editor, HSR

Joining HSR
by Paul White (former HSR Editor)

I joined Home Studio Recording in 1984 as technical editor. My previous career had been in electronics so in addition to writing reviews, my role included designing an electronics project each month for the readers to build. I ran a studio at home based on an open-reel eight-track machine at the time and also played live, which I still continue to do. I’ve suffered for my music so now I make sure everybody else does too!

In 1984 Ian Gilby was editor of Home Studio Recording and his brother Paul deputy editor but they fell out with the magazine owner after he offered them a monumentally insulting pay rise and left, leaving either myself or the guy who cleaned the offices to take over as editor. I don’t think he wanted it. So, with 11 days to go and an empty filing cabinet, I wrote nearly all the May issue.

This arrangement worked out well and we built up a good team including Debbie Poyser and Derek Johnson, both of whom later migrated to Sound On Sound along with myself. I really enjoyed my time at Home Studio Recording where we still made up magazines the old-school way with waxed paper and often worked through the night to meet deadlines. As the magazine started to appeal to more pro users, I changed the name to Home and Studio Recording.

Skip a few years and Ian and Paul Gilby had established Sound On Sound as a rival to Home Studio Recording and to Electronics and Music Maker as they covered both recording and synths in the same mag. There were rumours that Home Studio Recording and the other Music Maker titles were to be sold to Future Publishing, so in 1991 a few of us left and joined Sound On Sound. That was around 25 years ago — and I’m still there. Well, it’s much better than a ‘real' job!

Paul White
Editor, Sound On Sound

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Home & Studio Recording - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Magazine Info

About Home & Studio Recording

Home Studio Recording was a spin-off sister publication from E&MM, with a focus on recording and the home studio. It still featured recording-style electronics projects in the early days, but also covered reviews of cassette recorders, tape machines, mixing desks and effects units.

When Paul White took over as Editor, a rebrand and slight name change to Home & Studio Recording would keep the content relevant while Music Technology would cover the more hi-tech areas of synths, samplers, sequencers and MIDI.

In 1994 Home and Studio Recording and Music Technology were merged to create to new publication, The Mix. Towards the end of it's run, Music Maker Publications was bought by Future Publishing.

There was also a US edition of the magazine, which still continues to this day as Recording Magazine.


The Mix


Mike Beecher,
Ian Gilby,
Paul White,
Dan Goldstein


Terry Day,
Dennis Hill


Music Maker Publications (UK)


128 issues

First issue:

Sep 1983

Last issue:

May/Jun 1994


Name change to H&SR in Sep 1985


Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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