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Music Technology - June 1987

Further Research

As Yamaha's London R&D Centre opens its doors, we ask if it's reasonable to expect musicians to know what they want anyway.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

The latest in hot gossip from the hi-tech side of the music business - plus a report on last month's Atari show and a sneak preview of this year's BMF.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

Steve Lipson, MT's choice of featured artists, and a couple of other points receive criticism from irate readers.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Interface

Another selection of readers' technical queries answered by our team of agony aunts. Kraftwerk and MIDI are two of this month's subjects.

Korg DS8 Synthesiser

At last, a keyboard that presents FM programming in a more accessible way, and at an accessible price. Simon Trask previews the great new hope of digital synthesis.

360 Systems MIDIMerge+

Rick Davies casts an eye on the latest box from a company that seems to specialise in designing useful, rack-mounting MIDI processors.

Kawai R50 Drum Machine

It's only a month since we reviewed Kawai's R100 beatbox, yet already they've come up with a cheaper version. Rick Davies previews it.

Roland D50 Synthesiser Part 2

In the second and concluding part of our review, Simon Trask gives the D50's sound potential a more in-depth listening, and has a go at programming, LA-style.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Mission Impossible

Win a set of stands for your keyboards and accessories in this month's instalment of our biggest ever competition.

Hybrid Arts MIDITrack ST

In the maze of MIDI software now available for the Atari ST, this sequencer stands out for offering two entirely different recording systems.

Strike That Chord

Bill Bruford

He was once the driving force behind Genesis, Yes and King Crimson, but now this brilliant percussionist has turned his attention to jazz - and new technology. Tim Goodyer talks to him.

Dr T Copyist

Software for IBM PC and Atari ST

Music transcription comes to Atari ST and IBM PC computers with this new program. Chris Many finds out if it does a better job than the human hand.

Casio FZ1

Sampling Keyboard

This is it. A 16-bit sampling keyboard for the price of a 12-bit one, with digital synthesis tacked on as a bonus. Jim Burgess gives his verdict in our exclusive review.

Roland DEP3

Digital Effects Processor

A programmable reverb that also offers delay effects, or a multi-effects unit with reverb as its strongest suit? Paul White deciphers the latest box of treatment tricks.

We Can't Go On... Part 3

Beating Like This

...Beating Like This. In the third part in our series on creative drum programming, Chris Meyer and Matt Isaacson take a detailed look at the various trigger-to-MIDI converters now available.

Peavey ED300

Electronic Drum Amplifier

Of the current crop of combo amps designed specifically for electronic percussion, this is one of the most promising. Nigel Lord puts it through its paces.

Production Line

Stock, Aitken & Waterman

The words "Stock, Aitken & Waterman" have adorned 50 hit singles in the last two years. Tim Goodyer finds there are two secrets to their success: determination and new technology.

Patchwork Downloads

The Roland Alpha Juno, Korg Poly 800 MkII and Yamaha CX5M are among the machines featured in this month's selection of readers' synth sounds, and there's a review of new voicing tapes for the Ensoniq ESQ1.

Quick, Quick, Slow

Much has been said on the subject of MIDI delays, but so far the truth has been difficult to uncover beneath a flurry of rumour and debate. Chris Meyer gives us the lowdown.

Shock Treatment

Startled Insects

Take three musicians who like to remain anonymous, four film-makers and a stunning live show, and you've got one of the most original - if unsung - bands in Britain today.

Dumping Grounds Part 2

The industrious Chris Meyer again, with the latest news on MIDI Sample Dump Standard. What exactly is the value of transferring a sample from one machine to another?

Fairlight's Father Part 2

TechTalk: Kim Ryrie | Kim Ryrie

Second and final part of our interview with Fairlight's co-founder. Simon Trask listens to what he has to say about the future of musical technology.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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