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Music Technology - September 1987

Over And Out

A change of skipper at the helm of Music Technology: the old editor signs out, the new one signs in.

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As the 'London Daily News' is closed down and 'Today' is sold off, MT's news pages go from strength to strength.

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More letters from the front: a dealer defends himself, a reader attacks the blank tape levy, onlookers rally to Steve Lipson's cause and pop and serious music clash over technology.

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More problems solved, dilemmas resolved and advice tendered. If you have a problem you can't solve, you could do worse than to ask MT's Agony Aunts.

Sequential Prophet 3000

16-Bit Sampler

This 16-bit stereo sampler promises more than just an improvement in sound quality over the earlier Prophets. Rick Davies reckons it could set a new standard in user interfaces.

Yamaha TX802

FM Synthesizer Module

Is this the FM synth you've been waiting for? Dan Goldstein takes a look at Yamaha's new six-operator, multi-timbral module.

Akai EWI & EVI

Wind Controllers

Unveiled at NAMM and stars of the BMF, these two new instruments receive their exclusive preview in MT. Tim Goodyer takes a deep breath before taking a closer look.

Zyklus MIDI Performance System

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a MIDI Performance System. Simon Trask investigates the truth behind the intriguing advertising campaign.

Alesis HR16 Drum Machine & MMT8 MIDI Recorder

Following the success of the MIDIverb, Alesis have ventured into the realms of drum machines and sequencers. Bob O'Donnell lends an ear and discovers that economy doesn't necessarily mean compromise.

Sounds Natural Part 2

The Clarinet

The second instalment of our series on programming and sampling the sounds of acoustic instruments. This month Howard Massey turns his attention to Acker Bilk's favourite: the clarinet.

He Ain't Heavy...

Neil Carter

Is heavy metal really all mouth and trousers, or is there music in there too? Gary Moore's keyboardsman discusses technology and the changing face of rock with Tim Goodyer - quietly.

Sampling Expandability

Akai S900 V2.0 & ASK90 and Steinberg Soundworks

Already a well-established sampler, the Akai S900 is on the receiving end of a series of software and firmware updates from Akai and Steinberg. Chris Jenkins boots them up.

Grey Matter Response E!

for the DX7, Version 2.0

The debate over whether to upgrade to a DX7II takes on a new dimension with the possibilities that this expansion board brings to the original. Jim Burgess is impressed.

French Lessons

Wally Badarou

The co-producer of Level 42's last two records has also lent his keyboard playing skills to the likes of Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Mick Jagger and Talking Heads. He discusses his roles as programmer, synth player and producer with Paul Tingen.

MIDI Basics Part 2

More of the mysteries of MIDI dispelled, as Bob O'Donnell puts MIDI plug into MIDI socket and connects controller to expander. Part two of this new series.

Kawai R50

Digital Drum Machine

Following hard on the heels of the R100, this junior beat box from Kawai threatens to outshine its big brother, as Simon Trask finds out.

Fair Affairs
Show Report

Britain's biggest, busiest and noisiest music fair is over for another year. So what did we get for our money and our aching feet? Report by Simon Trask.

The Sound Art Of Programming

Steve Roach

An American synthesist and composer with a soft spot for aborigines and analogue sounds, talks to Bob O'Donnell about programming synths and sequencers old and new.

Mixing It
Show Report

Studio or stage? As technology advances, the traditional distinction between "recording technology" and "keyboard technology" becomes more and more confused - as this years recording show displayed. Report by Simon Trask.

Intelligent Music UpBeat

Software for Apple Macintosh

This Mac program from New York sets out to bring the flexibility of computer programming techniques to drum programming. Jim Burgess drums up his enthusiasm.

Stronger Than The Rest

Strongroom Studio

Hidden in the centre of London is a recording studio with MIDI very much in its heart. Dan Goldstein talks to its directors about technology, producers and prejudice.

We Can't Go On... Part 6

...Beating Like This

...Beating Like This. If your drum machine is too robotic and your drum kit is too static, Matt Isaacson and Chris Meyer's tour of 'alternative' percussion controllers may be right up your street.


A review of ESQ1 cartridges from Executive Audio joins readers' patches for it and the Roland D50 and Yamaha TX81Z - all in this month's Patchwork.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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