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Music Technology - March 1988

Production Wars

What is a producer's role in making music? Come to that, what is a producer? With today's technology bringing the recording studio into peoples' homes, the rules are changing.

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The latest news from the world of hi-tech musical equipment. If it's worth knowing about, you'll read it here first.

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Software piracy, BBC 2's presentation of "new music" and manufacturers' broken promises all come under discussion in this month's open forum.

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MIDI Files, polyphonic aftertouch and problems with sync codes are among the subjects aired in this month's readers' question time.

Kawai K1/K1M

Before you try to win one in our competition, this preview of Kawai's latest synth (and rack-mount alternative) should help whet your appetite.

Technos Acxel Resynthesiser

After analogue synthesis, FM synthesis, additive synthesis and sampling comes resynthesis - the ability to reconstruct a sampled sound. Bob O'Donnell introduces the Acxel; the first dedicated resynthesiser.

House Masters


House from home. Nicholas Rowland talks to a British house band who have developed their music from television advertising jingles to chart success.

Akai EX90R

Reverb Unit

A budget reverb unit for budget studios - although big studios might like it too. John Renwick plugs it in and gets a pleasant ringing in his ears.


Don't delete those unsatisfactory samples until you've tried resampling them. Tom McLaughlin explains how you can turn a bad sample into a good one.

Korg 707

Korg's DS8 presented FM synthesis in a more friendly light than originators Yamaha. Now their latest synth makes the price more friendly too. Simon Trask looks at a sine of the times.

Drumware Soundfiler

Akai S900 Editor for the Atari ST

This comprehensive visual sample-editing package from America could be the answer to many S900 owner's prayers. Vic Lennard says: have ST will travel.

Zyklus MIDI Performance System

At last it's here: Zyklus' sequence sequencer, MIDI control station, performance instrument... You sort it out with the help of Simon Trask's review.

Getting the Most from Multi Mode

Ensoniq SQ80 & ESQ1 Synthesizers

Frustrated by the limitations of sequencing with MIDI mono mode 4? Simon Trask discusses the benefits of multi mode and investigates its implementation on Ensoniq's SQ80 and ESQ1 synths.

Talking Shop

Stephen Hague

Building his career on productions of Jennifer Warnes, Malcolm McLaren and the Communards, Stephen Hague has found his greatest success with The Pet Shop Boys. David Bradwell talks shop.

Patchwork Downloads

Patches for the Yamaha DX21, Roland MKS80, Casio CZ101 and Ensoniq ESQ1 make up this month's selection of readers' sounds for you to try for yourself.

Local Area Networks

What is networking and how can it be of use to the musician using MIDI-equipped instruments? Harvey P Newquist III investigates the working relationship between machine and machine.

Alesis HR16 Drum Machine

A drum machine that sounds more like a drum kit than anything Ludwig ever made? True or not, Alesis' beat box is going to find its way into a lot of recording studios. Nicholas Rowland returns to his roots.

Head Boy & Casual God

Jerry Harrison

Talking Heads keyboard player Jerry Harrison talks to Nicholas Rowland about a forthcoming Heads LP and a solo project he calls The Casual Gods.

Elka MK88/MK55

Master Keyboard Controller

Two new master keyboards from Elka change Deborah Parisi's mind about the merits of silent keyboards.

Theme and Variations
Show Report


Anaheim recently played host to 1988's Winter NAMM show. MT's American correspondents were on hand to send back news of the latest developments in hi-tech musical equipment.

Intelligent Music M

Software for the Atari ST

Previously exclusive to Mac owners, Intelligent Music's M compositional software is now available for the Atari ST. Intelligent Ian Waugh investigates its application to a variety of musical styles.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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