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Music Technology - March 1991

Money Whores

The copyright arguments surrounding sampling continue, but artistic issues are steadily being eclipsed by financial ones. Tim Goodyer goes toe-to-toe with The Wall Street Journal.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

Take a welcome break from Gulf reports and indulge yourself in a little hi-tech news coverage, as the music industry prepares for the annual Frankfurt Musik-Messe.

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The reader interchange of information saves a frustrated Matrix 6 owner... the Musicians' Revolutionary Army propose an overthrow of the music industry... in Communique.

Roland MRM 500

Midi File Converter

Roland's MRM500 software offers unprecedented file compatibility between software sequencers and their MC-series sequencers. Vic Lennard asks if it's too good to be true.

Anatek Pocket Sync

As integration of musical and studio technology grows, the need for units like Anatek's new sync box grows. Synchronisation made easy with Vic Lennard.

On The Beat Part 18

Further explorations into the elusive feel of jazz are the subject of this month's drum programming column. Nigel Lord dons his bebop beret and gets hep with technology.

Roland MV30 Studio M

Music Production System

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's a multitimbral synth module, it's a sequencer, it's an automated mixer... Simon Trask puzzles over Roland's Studio M.

Starship Trooper


Back in the '60s it was Jefferson Airplane, then it was Jefferson Starship, then it was simply Starship. Brad Leigh Benjamin compares notes with the Synclavier king of one of rock's institutions.

Performing Musician: Endangered Species?

Accusations of replacing "real" musicians have shifted from drum machine to sampler, but there may be other changes upon us. Steve Wright investigates the significance of the sequencer.

C-Lab Creator/Notator V3

Atari ST Software

One of software's greatest strengths is its ability to evolve. Ian Waugh looks at the refinements now available in one of the most popular sequencing/notation packages.

Working Beats

Working Week

From their excellent 1984 debut single 'Venceremos', Working Week have charted a unique course between fashionability and credibility. Simon Trask works out with Simon Booth.

Cheetah MD16

Drum Machine

Possibly the most requested review in recent years, Cheetah's MD16 drum machine is finally here and ready for inspection. Simon Trask gives it a good beating.

Yamaha TG33

Tone Generator

Latest in the SY/TG line of descent, the TG33 module offers post-FM synthesis combined with the vector control pioneered on the Prophet VS synth. Ian Waugh expands on the '33.


Acoustic drum samples from producer Bob Clearmountain rub shoulders with Mega Beats drum machine samples, while SSU sounds for the Yamaha SY77 complete the lineup in this month's Patchwork.

Alesis Microverb III

Reverb Unit

Now in its third revision, the popular Microverb has attained full rackmount status and boasts an incredible 256 effects programs. Nigel Lord is drowning in reverb.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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