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Music Technology - April 1991

Passing The Buck

Pro studios are currently closing down at an alarming rate, and much of the blame is being laid at the feet of home studios and dance music. Tim Goodyer discusses progress and paranoia.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

If no news really is good news, then Newsdesk is bad news indeed. But if you're eager to keep up with the latest news from the world of hi-tech equipment, don't dare miss it.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

More pleas for help from readers and readers' offers of help keep the company of a man who wants to direct MT's interview policy from Norfolk. Opinions aired in Communique.

Accupower UPS

When you put your faith in a software-based sequencer, little can be as demoralising as a computer crash caused by mains fluctuation. Vic Lennard looks at one means of protecting your music.

Live Takes
Show Report

Cities in Concert Paris, La Defense

Jean-Michel Jarre recently trod the boards in magnificent style in Paris to mark the occasion of Bastille Day - report in full from Mark Jenkins.

On The Beat Part 19

African Rhythms

The quest for the secrets of rhythm programming continues - this month it takes the intrepid Nigel Lord and his faithful drum machine into the heart of Africa.

Audio Fast AF1 De-Composer

Atari ST Software

This ST music analysis program was designed for educational use, but it also has the power to compose music to order. Tim Goodyer discovers one of pop's best-kept secrets.

Dream Factory

Dream Warriors

Arriving on the world stage, the Dream Warriors' unique musical style is giving Canadian hip hop American-style exposure. Simon Trask talks musical sentences.

Anatek Pocket Sequencer

When inspiration strikes and you're out of reach of a sequencer, Anatek's latest Pocket unit can save your soul, if not your life. Vic Lennard picks a pocket.

Akai DD1000

Magneto-optical Disk Recorder

Akai's DD1000 Magneto-optical recorder applies state-of-the-art technology to four-track dedicated digital editing. Vic Lennard sees the light at the end of the sample.

World Party

Manu Dibango

World music's elder statesman puts aside his many saxophones to talk musical styles, modern technology and old-fashioned emotion. Simon Trask catches him onstage and off.

Alesis Quadraverb Plus

Multi-fx Processor

Possibly the most popular budget multi-fx processor currently available, the Quadraverb has just been upgraded and promoted to the rank of 'Plus'. Nigel Lord investigates.

En Routing

MIDI Patchbays

Much has been said about MIDI patchbays and their near indispensability in a modern MIDI setup. Vic Lennard questions their importance and looks at the alternatives.

IVL Steelrider

MIDI Interface

Famed for playing its part in the MIDI Chapman Stick, IVL's pitch-to-MIDI system is now opening the world of MIDI to the pedal steel player. Vic Lennard picks his words.

Postcards From The Edge
Show Report

Within hours of the '91 Frankfurt Musik-Messe closing its doors, this preliminary report was on its way to be printed. Tim Goodyer is the exhausted messenger.

Audio Visual Research Pro-Series 12

Atari ST Sampler

If you fancy turning the processing power of your Atari ST to the delicate art of sampling, AVR's Pro-Series 12 could be for you. Vic Lennard soft samples.

Frontal Lobe & PCM Channel

Korg M1 Enhancement

Much talked about in the US but still unavailable in the UK, Cannon's Frontal Lobe promises a new lease of life for your Korg M1. Gordon Reid asks "does it deliver?"

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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