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Music Technology - May 1991

The Personal Touch

"People, people who need people are the luckiest people..." goes the old song. But Tim Goodyer argues that people are often the first casualty of today's music technology.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

Sentient life discovered in Birmingham; scientific fraternity in turmoil - perhaps not, but MT's Newsdesk is alive with equally enticing news from the world of hi-tech music and equipment.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

An in-depth look at the relative merits of the piano and its many electronic imitators joins a plea from a lonely musician in this month's readers' writes.

C-Lab Notator Alpha Scorewriter

Slimmed down for the educational market, Notator Alpha offers comprehensive music scoring on the ST for just under a ton. Vic Lennard gets educated.

C-Lab Midia

Intended to help you find your way around MIDI, Midia forms part of C-Lab's educational ST software programme. Ian Waugh finds it indispensable as a MIDI monitor.

C-Lab Aura

Concluding C-Lab's educational series of programs for the Atari ST is the ear training program, Aura. Ian Waugh teaches the world to sing.

Cause An Effect

Effects processing is now an integral part of a recording studio - large or small. Aaron Hallas goes back to basics in this introduction to sound treatment.

EMC SY/TG55 Manager/Editor

Atari ST Software

Is it a librarian? Is it a manager? Ian Waugh checks out this flexible ST software companion to Yamaha's SY55 synth - and reckons he can't manage without it.

Frankfurt: The Final Frontier
Show Report

Following on from last month's pictorial exclusive, this account of Europe's largest hi-tech music exhibition fills in the details. Tim Goodyer files the report.

Akai S1100

Digital Stereo Sampler

Having set the music industry standard in sampling with their S1000, Akai are now taking moving pictures into their stride. Simon Trask gets frame-accurate on the S1100.

Exorcising Ghosts

The charismatic singer, composer and lyricist rejoins the former members of Japan for their first LP in ten years. Tim Goodyer talks technology, philosophy and improvisation with David Sylvian.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Other musicians' playing technique is the one element that often eludes the modern keyboard player - one solution lies in this month's competition prizes: Oberheim's new Strummer and Drummer.

Yamaha QY10

Music Sequencer

The phrase "size isn't everything" could have been written for this pocket-sized sequencer and synth expander. Simon Trask predicts big things.

Sons Of Pioneers

They began the '80s as Japan, now they're starting over as Rain Tree Crow. Tim Goodyer catches synthesist Richard Barbieri and drummer Steve Jansen for a frank discussion of music and personalities ten years after Tin Drum.

Steinberg Cubeat

Atari Sequencing Software

Son of Cubase: this stripped-down version of Steinberg's powerful sequencer retains many of its best functions. Nigel Lord and ST, and Cubase makes three.

Kawai XD5

Digital Percussion Synthesiser

The ability to modify its selection of drum and percussion sounds is the strong suit of this expander from Kawai. Vic Lennard reports on the continuing beatbox boom.

Bass - No Bull
Retrospective (Gear)

Moog Taurus Pedals

Ultimate bass? Legendary synth pioneers Moog once made the best bass synth on the planet: Paul Ward reassesses the power of Taurus in the light of '90s bass mania.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Back Issues

Judging by the calls and letters received at MTHQ, MT's back issues are a highly desirable commodity. Here's what you may have missed - one of life's few second chances.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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