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Music Technology - June 1991

First Impressions

The imitation of acoustic instruments has become an increasingly important role for synths and samplers, but are sounds as important as the way they're played? Tim Goodyer questions the progress of synth design.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

... new Aiwa pro DAT machine... new Digitech voice processor... stolen gear alert... bargain Yamaha MT2X multitrack MIDI controllers... Roland MV30 memory update. .. more in Newsdesk...

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Dear MT: I'm into flagellation, necrophilia and bestiality, am I flogging a dead horse? Love, Jim. Dear Jim: no, just a very old joke.

Kawai K10 Spectra

Just as it was about to fade from popular memory, Kawai's PCM/DC synthesis is revived in the new Spectra synth. Ian Waugh asks if it's been missed or simply missing.

Hey, Mr Tambourine Man

Such a simple thing, a tambourine line, yet it's one of the lines drum machines can't handle. The Sample Workshop's Tom McLaughlin explains how to make convincing samples.

On The Beat Part 20

The beat goes on: this month Nigel Lord's essential drum programming series takes him into the deep south of the African continent, and into deep rhythm.

Roland JD800

Digital Synthesiser

Roland's latest synth combines the power of digital synthesis with the interactive approach of analogue programming. The pleasure of synthesis returns to the player and to Simon Trask.

Passport Designs Encore

Atari ST Software

Already proven on the Macintosh, Passport's popular scorewriting program makes the transition to the humble ST. Ian Waugh likes the score and goes back for more.

This article has no OCR bodytext.In Full Effect

Effects processors: you can't get enough of 'em - and there's no better way of getting your hands on a Digitech DSP 256XL than winning it in MT's latest exclusive competition.

Tune In, Turn On, Chill Out

Riding the ambient house wave, The Orb have released a concept album that mixes dance beats with new age textures. Tim Goodyer tunes in to Alex Paterson and Thrash as they chill out with technology.

Soundcraft Spirit Studio

Mixing Desk

As more mixer manufacturers turn their attention to the home and pre-production studios, the cost-effective quality mixer becomes a reality. Tim Goodyer discovers that there's even room for luxury.

Soul of the Machine

Neatly sidestepping the monotonous beats and cliched melodies that typify too many dance acts, this Swiss-American collaboration are making refreshing music. Simon Trask and Heinrich Zwahlen share a technical obsession.

Quinsoft VZ-ED

Atari ST Software

If you've been forced to treat your Casio VZ as a "preset" synth because of its programming system, VZ-ED could bring it back to life. Gordon Reid witnesses the VZ resurrection shuffle.

Philip Rees Percussion Sample Player

Drum Expander

More than a beatbox, less than a sampler, the Percussion Sample Player appears to be a unique rhythmatist's instrument. Simon Trask looks at the pros and cons of a dedicated drum sampler.

Raising The Standard

As MIDI expands its influence, guidelines for improved compatibility between instruments are emerging. Vic Lennard examines the new General MIDI spec and Roland's proprietary GSS system.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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