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Music Technology - July 1991

Digital Delay

One of the basic lessons in life is learning not to fight the inevitable, but it's one Tim Goodyer believes the record companies have yet to learn if their attitude towards DAT and now DCC is to be accepted.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

World famous clairvoyant Doris Stokes' secret revealed at last: she used MT's Newsdesk to keep in touch. Don't get left behind by hi-tech developments.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

When MT invented Audio Fast's De-Composer software as an April Fool's exercise, we couldn't have been aware of a similar secret program Steinberg had already developed - Tom Robinson was...


Master Bits Sampling Collection 500, 600, 700 and 800

When your music cries out for the sounds of synths that you haven't got, your sampler can be your best friend. Tim Goodyer samples four CDs packed with the sounds of synths, drum machines and even samplers.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Keeping Score

Double dealings in this month's exclusive MT competition: Mark of the Unicorn's Performer sequencing software and copies of Guinness' British Hit Singles are up for grabs.

On The Beat Part 21

Previous episodes of MT's definitive drum programming series have covered rhythms from around the globe. Nigel Lord takes stock and considers some patterns that belong only to the beatbox.

Beats Working

Bomb the Bass

Pioneer of the sampling revolution, Tim Simenon, is back with a new album, a new studio and a refreshing update on what technology has to offer music. Tim Goodyer charts Unknown Territory.

PG Music Band-In-A-Box

Apple Mac/IBM PC/Atari ST Software

As technology tears down barriers, people rebuild them. Ian Waugh investigates a composition program that delivers all the traditional elements of music at the touch of a button.

Roland JX1

Performance Synthesiser

If you'd begun to believe that you needed a degree to use any modern synth, think again: think JX1. Simon Trask discovers the truth behind the Japanese "Think SynX Concept" adverts.

The Sound Of Chaos

When fractal mathematics first emerged, it caused an uproar in the scientific world. Expecting the worst, Steve Wright examines its appearance in music software.

Tascam Porta 03 Ministudio

Cassette Multitrack

It is said that small is beautiful - and Tascam's new personal multitrack machine is certainly small. Nik Newark dubs his demos and road tests Tascam's latest four-track cassette machine.

Machine Head

Man Machine

The line between man and machine is blurred; today there exists an entity whose purpose is to make music. Simon Trask discovers that its sights are locked on the dance charts and it absolutely will not stop.

Yamaha RY30

Drum Machine

As the drum machine goes from strength to strength, Yamaha give it a new dimension by adding a synth-style "bend" wheel. Simon Trask wonders if the beatbox will ever be the same again.

Thanks For The Memory

Programmability has changed the way we make music; but should the music now make changes to programmability? Vic Lennard recalls happy memories.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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