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Music Technology - August 1991

Happy Birthday, MT

The world's leading hi-tech music magazine celebrates its tenth anniversary this issue. Tim Goodyer considers the role MT has played in shaping the industry and the music.

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On the eve of the UK's major music trade fair, there's a lot of hi-tech news in the air. Clue yourself in on MT's regular news pages.

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What have a toasters called Jeffrey and Zippy and an anonymous rice cooker got in common with a collection of Wishbone Ash LPs? Check out this month's readers' letters for the answer.

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P&R Audio PB40M

Combining the flexibility of audio and MIDI patching, P&R's PB40 patchbay makes a space- and cost-effective addition to any studio. Tim Goodyer jacks in.

On The Beat Part 22

Another selection of excellent drum patterns appear in this month's edition of the definitive beatbox programming series. Nigel Lord hands put a good beating.


Time And Space - Zero-G Datafile One

As more sample CDs appear on the market, it becomes harder to produce something that stands out from the crowd. Tim Goodyer discovers a collection of dance samples that could become seminal.

Peavey DPM3 SE & DPM SX

Digital Synth & Sampling Interface

Since entering the keyboard market with the DPM3, Peavey have expanded the range and power of their gear. Simon Trask checks out Peavey's "upgradable" philosophy.

Baby Boom

Eccentric Swiss pioneers Yello follow 1989's Flag with another long playing sound fantasy. Simon Trask talks to Boris Blank about his old Fairlight and his new Baby.


If you were stranded on a desert island with only a solitary keyboard to occupy your time, what would be the instrument of your choice? The professionals make theirs in this anniversary feature.

Gajits Sequencer One & Hitkit

Gajits' budget sequencer moves over to the Amiga and is joined by the company's new Hit Kit software. Ian Waugh plays along.

Hammond XB2

Organ Synthesiser

Until now the only way to get a real Hammond sound was with a real Hammond - it's still the case, but now you can go solid-state. Malcolm Harrison and Tim Goodyer investigate the alternative to wheels and valves.

Retrospective (Gear)

Arp Pro Soloist, Korg Sigma & Roland SH2000

In the early days of analogue synths, reconciling electronics and expression was hard work. Gordon Reid looks at the beginnings of pressure sensitivity.

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Techno Pop

The Fall and Rise of Technology in Music

Steering this magazine through the '80s made Dan Goldstein a prominent character in the music industry. Putting aside 90 Minutes he gives a personal view of the last decade in music, technology and Music Technology.

Deep Vibrations


Turning their backs on pop notoriety to meet electronic experimentation head on, Sheffield's LFO are taking dance music into new areas. Simon Trask gets a new perspective on nostalgia.

CEDAR/Harmonia Mundi Real-Time De-Clicker

Signal Processor

It sounds like a cheap TV ad, but this device puts an end to all known clicks and pops. Vic Lennard gives the latest development in noise elimination the Rice Krispies test.

Pandora Technologies !Inspiration

Archimedes Software

It's been a long time coming, and there have been problems along the way, but there's now a pro sequencer for Acorn's Archimedes. Ian Waugh opens Pandora's box.

Designing The Future

Appropriately enough, MT shares its birthday with one of the companies which has helped shape today's synthesisers: Roland UK. Gez Kahan presents a view from the inside.

Groove MC-Lite

MIDI-controlled Stage Lights

Extending MIDI control to cover stage lighting is a logical extension of a system which can already control most aspects of music. Vic Leonard strikes a lite.

Roland Tentrax

Atari ST Software

Using a Roland MT32 or any Roland CM modules and looking to get into sequencing on an Atari? Ian Waugh reckons that there's a particular piece of software you should check out.

Making History

Looking back over ten years' worth of magazines, it seemed that there were certain moments worth reliving - here are the edited highlights.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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